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Recipe: Easy Beetroot & Hazelnut Mincemeat

You might think it is fairly late in the day to start making your own homemade mincemeat, but look carefully at the recipe details below…. cook time = 0 mins, prep time = 10 mins, (and even that is a generous estimate, I’m sure you could...
by The Veg Space on Dec 19, 2016

kiwi plants for sale in kerala

Kiwi or Chinese gooseberry (Actinidia deliciosa) is grown widely in New Zealand, Italy, USA, China, Japan,Iran,Pakistan, Australia, France, Chile and Spain.Kiwi vine starts bearing at the age of 4-5 years while the commercial production starts at the...
by JKMPIC on Dec 19, 2016

justfoodsingeneral: Chicken with Leek and Apples “A...

justfoodsingeneral: Chicken with Leek and Apples “A French-inspired dish, this Chicken with Leek and Apples delivers a ton of flavour. Special enough for entertaining, but it’s also ready in under an hour, so great for an every day meal, as well!
by Food Diner on Dec 16, 2016

Bûche chocolat, fruit de la passion et praliné croustillant

Bûche chocolat, fruit de la passion et praliné croustillant Nous adorons cette bûche au chocolat au lait, coeur de fruit de la passion et croustillant praliné, une de mes créations/inspirations/assemblage d'idées que je décline depuis nombre...
by Un dejeuner de soleil on Dec 16, 2016

Easy Holiday Funfetti Dip

Here’s a sweet and oh-so-tasty dip you’ll want to make for all your holiday get-togethers. It’s delicious with fresh fruit, graham crackers, vanilla wafers, or just about any treat you want to dip! It’s too good to only serve...
by Blog on Dec 11, 2016

De 20 gezondste fruitsoorten op aarde

Het regelmatig eten van fruit kan je gezondheid een boost geven. Niet alle fruitsoorten zijn echter hetzelfde. Sommige bevatten unieke gezondheidseffecten. Hier volgen de twintig gezondste fruitsoorten op aarde. 1. Grapefruit Grapefruit is een van de...
by on Dec 9, 2016

fruit plants kashmir

Fruit plants of KashmirTaxus Persimmon, Wild Blue Persimmon tree,Apple tree, Apricort fruit  tree , Kiwi fruit  plant, Goji berry plant, Ginkgo biloba seed , Almond tree, Peach tree, Pear fruit  tree, Amlok fruit tree, Howthorne berrie...
by JKMPIC on Dec 8, 2016

Recipe: The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Cake (Part 2)

What a brilliant response there has been to ‘Part 1‘ of this post – a recipe for the ‘Ultimate Vegan Christmas Cake‘.  It seems that quite a few of you have made the cake, and have been eagerly awaiting instructions on...
by The Veg Space on Dec 8, 2016

The 70th Birthday Anniversary

A large fruit display with a watermelon, lot of fruits and soft fruits. Made for the 70th birthday party. More birthday anniversaru fruit table displays.

Christmas cake but not as you know it.

Mini Jack Daniels Christmas cakes Oooooh don’t you just love a mini Christmas cake? I made some last year as gifts and they went down really well. This time I decided to give them a touch of Jack Daniels and I have to say they are gooooood! I m...
by Cakes Bakes And Cookies on Dec 8, 2016

Apple and Cranberry Pie

 My husband has an absolute fondness for apple pie.  Simply put  . . . he ADORES apple pie.  It is his favourite pie, dessert, indulgence, dream come true!  In truth, I don't bake one very often.  It is an awful lot and...
by The English Kitchen on Dec 7, 2016

But the fruit of the Spirit is… 1 5/5 (1)

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How to: Passion Fruit Juice

Travel. Broadens the mind. Teaches you so much that you might not have known. That’s the story of my learning to make good and proper passion fruit juice, all thanks to Nairobi. Read: Favourite Drinks in Nai I’ve been a passion fruit love...
by Kitchen Butterfly on Dec 2, 2016

Budget Friendly Christmas Decorating Tips

sourceHello my beautiful friends! For those of you who are new to my blog, welcome and enjoy! The Christmas season is right around the corner……it’s time to start decorating your home for holidays. One of the biggest things for me each year! And...
by Home Chic Club on Dec 2, 2016

How to Make a Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Blueberries are my favorite fruit next to apples. You can be assured that if you visit, you will find blueberries in the freezer and apples in the fruit bin. I rely on these for healthy snacking. A Blueberry Banana Smoothie is a low calorie, nutrien...
by Spinach Tiger on Nov 29, 2016

Easy Christmas Cake with Crunchy Apple Frosting

A light and easy Christmas cake, infused with crunchy apple, sultanas, dates, cinnamon and brandy. Recipe commissioned by Emily Crisps. Cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, apple snow…I think its beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. I know that thing...
by on Nov 28, 2016

No bake white chocolate cheesecake

This is such an incredibly easy recipe it is almost hard to believe it tastes so fantastic. I am not a big fan of sweet cheesecake recipes and this one really is an excellent recipe. Next time I make this recipe I think I will add some finely grated...
by Family Cookbook on Nov 28, 2016

Cranberry Pie from Art of the Pie

A new, easy-to-make classic, the cranberry pie, will make every holiday season bright and cheery when it’s served up! This post is a part of a series of cookbook posts that I’ll be running from now through December. I was not monetarily compe...
by Eat the Love on Nov 28, 2016

Ginger, Vanilla and Quince Upside Down Cake from the book Alternative Baker

A recipe for a warm and inviting ginger, vanilla and quince upside down cake from the cookbook Alternative Baker by Alanna Taylor-Tobin. This post is a part of a series of cookbook posts that I’ll be running from now through December. I was not mon...
by Eat the Love on Nov 21, 2016

Cherry pie recipe (tinned cherries)

As a child I remember having the most delicious Sarah Lee cherry pies (not sure if you can still get them in SA) as a treat and as I have moved recently was keen to try out the new oven and decided to give a cherry pie recipe a try for some friends.
by Family Cookbook on Oct 13, 2016

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