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You can keep your fucking popularity contests

Over the last few weeks of not blogging I've found that I miss writing. Notice I did not say I missed BLOGGING - but writing. The reason why I began this blog was to write and journal my feelings, my aspirations, my progress, and to write. It started...
by Anonymous Fat Girl on Feb 12, 2011

Do not tell me “you can’t”

Do not tell me you cannot do this. Because I will give you a hundred reasons why you CAN. Do not tell me that you are a failure because haven’t lost any pounds this week/month/quarter/whatever. Because I will point out all of the areas you have...
by Anonymous Fat Girl on Oct 11, 2010

Do it your way

I had mostly love from my post the other day, but not everyone liked the post. That’s okay. I can’t always believe that everyone will agree with me. I just assume that if you do not like a blog’s message that you mostly move on. Tha...
by Anonymous Fat Girl on Aug 9, 2010

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