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Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that has officially gotten out of control.  Originally a minor holiday that involved giving your beloved a card, Valentine’s Day has morphed into a holiday that now has advertisers recommending th...
by Luvem Or Leavem on Feb 9, 2011

No Wonder People Want to Avoid Marriage

I’ve written many times about the many ways that marriage has gotten a bad reputation.  Whether it’s stories about celebrities caught in cheating scandals, or watching the couples around them filing for divorce, many people are questioni...
by Luvem Or Leavem on Aug 10, 2010

Where Will You Find Your Future Mate?

Every couple has a story to tell about how and where they met. My husband and I were recently asked about how we met, and we answered as we always do “the old fashioned way.” Most people nod and leave it at that, but if they pursue the...
by Luvem Or Leavem on Apr 26, 2010

Are You Too Picky?

I love that we live an era where women are educated, independent, and can wait to marry until they find a man they love rather than needing to find a husband to support them.  Despite how important it is for a women to be be choosy when deciding who...
by Luvem Or Leavem on Feb 17, 2010

Creating Love in the Kitchen

A while back on LuvemOrLeavem we had a debate over relationship cliches, and the one that caused the most uproar was “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  Things started to get ugly as men posted about how it importan...
by Luvem Or Leavem on Feb 12, 2010

Love and Valentine’s Day

As a hopeless romantic, you probably expect that I love the celebration of Valentine’s Day, but it’s not a holiday that I spend much time celebrating.  Don’t get me wrong, the notion of having a whole day devoted to celebrating lov...
by Luvem Or Leavem on Feb 9, 2010

The Husband Test

Despite the title, this post is not really going to contain a test for husbands, just some lighthearted thoughts and stories about how marriage varies so much from couple to couple.  Years ago a coworker of mine had to meet with a person from immigr...
by Luvem Or Leavem on Dec 4, 2009

What is the Appeal of Metro Men?

When choosing a man, there used to be a popular saying that went like this: “never date a man who is prettier than you are.”  The implication was that a man who spent too much time worrying about his appearance was either untrustworthy a...
by Luvem Or Leavem on Nov 10, 2009

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