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Cat meets with God!

...and the weirdest photo of the month award goes to...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Mar 11, 2012

Funny Animal Pictures!...lolcats

Funny Animal Pictures! Lolcats! Who feels like a lolcat frenzy? Funny cats...well, doing what they do best. Watch out for more to be added....  sAY CHEESE!!  BELLY KISS!!!!  cute cat  Funny Cats looking guity (on a...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Apr 26, 2011

Supercat takes on Libya...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's Supercat! ...well it looks a little more like bowling kitty than supercat. This funny cat is ready to fight for justice! Libya watch out!
by Funny Animal Pictures on Apr 15, 2011

Cat fearlessly fights with a Bear

We have seen a cat fighting with an alligator, now we have a fearless cat fighting with a bear! We don't care what anyone thinks...cats are HARD AS NAILS!! What next, a cat fighting with a shark? Cat fights with a bear [video] Cat figh...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Feb 8, 2011

Kitten gets slapped for wearing a hat

Poor kitty in a hat gets smacked down by a nasty cat. This is so sad but we cannot help but laugh. Do you think the kittens audition went well? ...and we though Simon Cowell was an evil judge!    :) Cat in a...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Jan 1, 2011

Funny Cats and Lolcats [pictures] 3!

We can never EVER get enough of seeing funny lolcats here at We have another Funny Cats and Lolcats Picture post for your enjoyment. [Don't forget, you can download all of your favourite pictures - see here]. Fu...
by Funny Animal Pictures on Nov 1, 2010

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