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El terrorismo a través del cine

El cine no ha sido ajeno a los procesos y transformaciones históricas y dentro de su papel de "testigo" ha sabido transmitir al espectador los diferentes hechos que han tambaleado al mundo, bien creando estereotipos dentro de su maquinaria de divert...
by Estado Crítico on Mar 29, 2016

Je nieren zuiveren met deze diuretische planten

Een van de belangrijkste organen uit ons ontgiftingsproces zijn ongetwijfeld onze nieren. Je nieren op een zachte en natuurlijke manier zuiveren doe je bij voorkeur met diuretische planten. Alle middelen die de zuiverende taak van je nieren ex...
by Leefnugezonder on Jun 23, 2014


Hi unicorns! I've been so busy lately... started to use my new watercolours and had a few shoots with awesome people as Neith, for example~ She's a young photographer (friend of mine) and lives at Ourense too. We don't see each other too mu...
by Tiff Noir on Apr 13, 2014

Kittendolls and UNIQSO "International Ulzzang Contest!"

Hello unicorns! I recently joined Kittendolls & Uniqso "International Ulzzang Contest" (✿ spring selca ✿)You can vote for me everyday (enter your email address at the empty box & click "vote") and I'll maybe win one of the prizes if...
by Tiff Noir on Mar 30, 2014

Silver-platinum Hair & Etude House Official Tester !

So... whatever? I've been missed for the last weeks due to extremely sickness (still sick ¬ ¬), travelling and family celebrations (almost all of my dad's family reunited for my grand-grandpa's 90th birthday!).I visited 4 cities in a day (le extrem...
by Tiff Noir on Mar 23, 2014


Yeah! Guess what, Tiff is addicted to Etude House's products and proud of it~I'm not sharing all I have at my bathroom, just a few things on the last package from South Korea, don't wanna spam u all lolMy fav stores can be found at Myeongdong, always...
by Tiff Noir on Feb 17, 2014


Giusy (@pinkblackjelly) spent 2 weeks at my place cos she always wanted to visit Galicia (her grandpas are from Lugo).I had so many plans, but because of lack of money, bad weather and such, we weren't able to travel to another place besides my city...
by Tiff Noir on Feb 9, 2014

Cronopiando: Señor X

Por Koldo Campos Sagaseta El próximo 19 de diciembre se cumplirán 30 años del asesinato  de Katu Oñederra, vecino de Azkoitia. Al igual que Katu muchos otros vascos  fueron asesinados por pistoleros a sueldo del Estado español en la llamada ...
by El Blog de la Polilla Cubana on Dec 17, 2013

TheGODMake: Japanese Make Tutorial Channel

Ok, I haven't posted a selca in ages, so here you go...Yes my eyelash is coming off... IT WAS A HOT FUCKING DAY OKAY??? STUFF PEELS WHEN ITS HOT. SDFU about it already -_____-... I'm lucky my face didn't melt off by the time I got to take a pict...
by Babycakesland on Nov 18, 2013

Hime castle Hime Honey Golden Wavy Wig

Finally, a new review! Today's a little different as I am going to review a wig from Himecastle! Hime Honey Golden Wavy Wig Model: 5082-12 The package got lost but I was able to track it. Thanks to Himecastle for providing complete de...
by Carizza Chua - My Name Tag on Oct 28, 2013

Shape Shifter Ring

Nasty Gal Add some punch to your party look by wearing one of these Balenciaga-inspired rings on every finger. Price $ 18.00 The post Shape Shifter Ring appeared first on Best Fashion Shops Blog.
by Best Fashion Shops on Sep 19, 2013

Je nieren zuiveren met diuretische planten

Een van de belangrijkste organen uit ons ontgiftingsproces zijn ongetwijfeld onze nieren. Je nieren op een zachte en natuurlijke manier zuiveren doe je bij voorkeur met diuretische planten. Alle middelen die de zuiverende taak van je nieren extra...
by Gezond Detoxen on Aug 13, 2013

Je lever en galblaas natuurlijk en gezond ontgiften

Je lever, galblaas en je darmen zijn nauw met elkaar verbonden. Via je leverpoortader komen niet alleen voedingsstoffen uit je darmen, maar even goed ook toxische afvalstoffen in je lever terecht. Je lever voert op zijn beurt dan weer gal…...
by Gezond Detoxen on Aug 6, 2013

Such Great Heights

Lover Shadow Lace Blouse ($380) in Ivory Theyskens’ Theory Farchy Sakee Skirt ($295) in Black Aesa Triple Knot Collar Necklace ($645) in Bronze Dooney & Bourke Montecatini Medium Ring Hobo Bag ($500) in Bark Gianvito Rossi Style 20 Lace Up Boo...
by Best Fashion Shops on Jul 11, 2013

Pony Hair iPhone 5 Case

Nasty Gal Minimalism is the name of the game this summer, so naturally this streamlined white and gold iPhone case is a no-brainer. Price $ 15.00 The post Pony Hair iPhone 5 Case appeared first on Best Fashion Shops Blog.
by Best Fashion Shops on Jul 8, 2013

Vampire Gal Pin Up Tattoo – Joe Capobianco

Veja outras Tattoos (clique para ampliar):Dave Grohl portrait Tattoo by Joe CarpenterVampire Tattoo by Nikko HurtadoVampire Cat TattooVampire lips tattooVampire ink by David Corden...
by Arte Tattoo on May 10, 2013

Nieren, lever en gal stimuleren voor gezond ontgiften

Zowel je nieren als je lever en je gal stepen een belangrijke rol bij het gezond ontgiften of detoxen van je lichaam. Kies je voor een gezonde detox kuur dan zal je in de eerste plaats je nieren, lever en gal…...
by Gezond Detoxen on May 9, 2013

My interview with Miyabi

If Gaijin gyaru was the crown jewels, Miyabi would be that Blood Diamond choker with Skull head centerpiece. With a following of Gyaru and Alternative lovers alike, I was honored to sit down and interview this magnificent entity over Facebook chat. C...
by Chaudie on Mar 7, 2013

Cry uncle and let slip the fiscal fools

AUBURN, Maine — I am in the process of negotiating a truce with Mother Nature. I refuse, however, to offer the Old Lady unconditional surrender. No matter what the Old Girl has thrown at me this... Take a walk on the wild side around New Engl...
by Goodfellows52 on Feb 25, 2013

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