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Video Game Review: The Technomancer

The Technomancer’s basic plot takes quite a while to get going, with the opening act taking place within a single town as the player acts as an obvious tool in the machinations of more important characters. Eventually you will get to set off, but t...
by RotoRob on Jul 2, 2016

Video Game Review: INSIDE

There are no "ah ha" moments where you find a conveniently located file detailing plans or stumble across a baddie outlining what's going on. In fact, there's no exposition at all, not even a single line of dialogue. Depending on how you look at it,...
by RotoRob on Jun 30, 2016

Mighty No. 9 Review

Watch the video here! Platform: PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, OS X, Linux, Wii U, Vita, 3DS, Shield Developer: Comcept, Inti Creates Genre: […] The post Mighty No. 9 Review appeared first on
by Akashic Records - Chad Senga on Jun 27, 2016

Video Game Review: Shadow of the Beast

You are Aarbron, a man that was kidnapped as a child and then turned into a demonic creature that does the bidding of Maletoth. While in his service you cut down a number of human warriors before laying waste to some sort of monastery. When one of th...
by RotoRob on Jun 21, 2016

Total War: Warhammer PC review

I return to the world of Warhammer, over twenty-five years after last playing the now legendary table-top fantasy role-playing game with Total War: Warhammer. When I first played the real-time strategy game, Shogun: Total War, way back in 2000, it re...
by Vic B'Stard's State of Play on Jun 19, 2016

Video Game Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan

Shredder and Krang are up to something, and it's up to the turtles to stop it. That about sums up the plotline of Mutants in Manhattan's nine-level journey as each stage is treated as a separate entity, complete with its own boss, and you'll always b...
by RotoRob on Jun 15, 2016

Video Game Review: Overwatch

Since it’s been far too long since Team Fortress 2 has had any serious, direct competition, Blizzard decided to shape a unique but identifiable experience in the form of Overwatch. Pick a hero, wave at your teammates and get on the bloody objective...
by RotoRob on Jun 13, 2016

Video Game Review: Oxenfree

You are Alex, a teenage girl heading to an abandoned island with your best friend (Ren) and newly minted step-brother (Jonas) to meet up with Nona, who Ren has a crush on, and Clarissa, the one-time girlfriend of your late brother Michael. What's sup...
by RotoRob on Jun 11, 2016

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Xbox One/PC review

Battlefield developers, DICE, return to the Glass City to give us another go at EA Games’ free-running franchise with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. 2008’s Mirror’s Edge was an under-rated affair on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The parkour-inspired rooftop...
by Vic B'Stard's State of Play on Jun 11, 2016

Video Game Review: Far Harbor DLC

The main quest line can be burned through in about two hours or so, with the side quests bringing the total playtime of the DLC to around eight hours. Whereas The Mechanist DLC gave you a creative way to mess with the mainland, Far Harbor feels isola...
by RotoRob on Jun 7, 2016

Gameplay Review and Video for Soulless Demo!

New and updated review of Soulless! This time there's a video to go along with it and a true gameplay experience! The post Gameplay Review and Video for Soulless Demo! appeared first on The Zombie Chimp.
by The Zombie Chimp on Jun 4, 2016

Video Game Review: Hitman: Episode 3

Having settled things in Sapienza, Agent 47 is off to Morocco in Episode 3: Marrakesh to take down two more targets. First up is Claus Strandberg, a Swedish-born banker that stole huge sums of money from the population but escaped custody and is now...
by RotoRob on Jun 2, 2016

The Secret Monster Society – Steam Greenlight

Deceptive Games, have created The Secret Monster Society, an animated 2D point-and-click adventure games that's set to launch as soon as possible. Read more info here. The post The Secret Monster Society – Steam Greenlight appeared first on The...
by The Zombie Chimp on May 30, 2016

Homefront: The Revolution PC review

Deep Silver’s Homefront: The Revolution invites us to take another look at a USA on its knees post-invasion and occupied by North Korea. Whilst I enjoyed 2011’s Homefront, the game received a mixed reaction from fans, with mediocre sales likely b...
by Vic B'Stard's State of Play on May 29, 2016

Skywalk iOS Review

Skywalk, the latest game from Boombit Studios is ball-bouncingly good and it’s due to be released on the 2nd June. Well, they saw fit to let me have a copy of the game a week before its official release, so I downloaded it, played it and figured a...
by The Zombie Chimp on May 25, 2016

Overwatch Review

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One Developer: Blizzard Entertainment Genre: Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter Release: 2016 It’s May 24, and the servers for Blizzard’s new […] The post Overwatch Review appeared first on
by Akashic Records - Chad Senga on May 24, 2016

Game Review: DOOM

DOOM XBOX ONE (Physical l Digital), PS4 (Physical l Digital), PC (Physical l Digital) DEVELOPER: id Software PUBLISHER: Bethesda Softworks RELEASE DATE: May 13, 2016 The return of DOOM arrived a little over a week ago with the release of the latest i...
by Geeks of Doom on May 24, 2016

Video Game Review: Alienation

Aliens have come to Earth and are kicking some serious ass. In our desperation, humans have made robotic exo-suits to help turn the tide. That’s where you come in. You’ll pick between three character types (tank, saboteur or bio-specialist), each...
by RotoRob on May 23, 2016

Video Game Review: DOOM

Awakened without context to find an area overrun by demons, our silent protagonist is quickly brought up to speed. You're on Mars at a research facility that was harnessing power from Hell to solve the world's energy crisis. One of the scientists, Dr...
by RotoRob on May 20, 2016

Doom PC review

Id Software reboots the great-grand-daddy of first-person shooters, Doom, for a new generation of players and hardware. I doubt I’ve been alone in wondering what the frantic action of the classic first person shooter, Doom, would look like polished...
by Vic B'Stard's State of Play on May 20, 2016

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