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Tap Tycoon Review

Tap Tycoon is a game that’s made its way back on to my mobile device over the past few days, I’m not really sure how or why either. Maybe it was just meant to be. The post Tap Tycoon Review appeared first on The Zombie Chimp.
by The Zombie Chimp on May 17, 2016

Video Game Review: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Naughty Dog must have realized that the PS4’s base includes a lot of Xbox 360 converts, so the game’s first 2-3 hours act as both an extended tutorial and series recap. It's an unusually slow start, but things get rolling from both a narrative an...
by RotoRob on May 17, 2016

Hitman’s second episode is huge!

Agent 47’s episodic new-gen outing gets its second chapter- set in the absolutely huge picturesque Italian town of Sapienza. This beautiful seaside town has a dark secret and Agent 47 has been sent in to sort it out. Hitman’s episodic release was...
by Vic B'Stard's State of Play on May 16, 2016

Video Game Review: Battleborn

Competitive multiplayer is spread across three game types: Capture, Meltdown and Incursion. The first one will be instantly familiar. There are three zones, capture and hold them to earn points; the more you hold the faster you score. A couple unique...
by RotoRob on May 15, 2016

Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Dragon Age Inquisition is the latest in a long line of Dragon Age games. Did it stand up to its predecessors? Read this Dragon Age Inquisition review. The post Dragon Age Inquisition Review appeared first on The Zombie Chimp.
by The Zombie Chimp on May 14, 2016

Video Game Review: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

In a pseudo-World War 2 situation, the land of Europa is divided, and a small resistance is helping to defend a neutral country of Gallia. This sets the stage for Welkin Gunther, our unlikely hero (because when is a hero in anime ever likely?), as he...
by RotoRob on May 10, 2016

Blu-ray Review: Top Gun 30th Anniversary

Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is an exceptional pilot that has a problem with authority, but when his aircraft carrier’s top F-14 Tomcat team unexpectedly washes out after an encounter with Soviet MIGs, he and his RIO Goose (Anthony Edwards) are grudg...
by RotoRob on May 8, 2016

Video Game Review: Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Abaddon the Despoiler has arrived in the Gothic sector for vague reasons, and it's up to the Imperial Navy to stop him. The basic plot setup is perhaps on the simple side, but there's actually a fair amount of intrigue as things ramp up. While the ce...
by RotoRob on May 6, 2016

Video Game Review: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles

We enjoyed the art design of all three games, and even though a lot of design elements are simply re-skinned from one to the next they never lost their charm; India is particularly colourful and lively. The animations look good as well, particularly...
by RotoRob on May 3, 2016

Blues and Bullets PC review – The first two episodes

I will forgive you for not having heard of A Crowd of Monsters’ episodic adventure game, Blues and Bullets. Were it not for a review key falling into my inbox from the publisher’s kindly PR people, I wouldn’t have either. And that would have be...
by Vic B'Stard's State of Play on Apr 30, 2016

Video Game Review: Hitman: Episode 2

Square-Enix's episodic experimentation with the Hitman series continues in Episode 2: Sapienza as Agent 47 must take down a pair of dastardly targets and also locate and destroy the dangerous bioweapon they've been working on. It's considerably large...
by RotoRob on Apr 29, 2016

Video Game Review: Samurai Warriors 4 Empires

If you're unfamiliar with the workings of an Empires installment of a Warriors game, it's not just about carving your way through huge crowds of opposing factions' soldiers on the battlefield. It's also about managing resources and ensuring that your...
by RotoRob on Apr 27, 2016

Video Game Review: Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo

While the name Sébastien Loeb may not be known by casual sports fans, the French-born driver is the most successful racer in World Rally Championship (WRC) history. Now, with Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo, you can Jump into the driver’s seat to experi...
by RotoRob on Apr 25, 2016

Video Game Review: Dark Souls III

Sticking to the infamous difficulty of the series, Dark Souls III would rather chop off your hands than hold them. As soon as you awaken, you’re faced with a few simple enemies to readjust to the controls. It’s not long after you’ve felled a fe...
by RotoRob on Apr 21, 2016

Tom Clancy’s The Division PlayStation 4 review

Ubisoft takes us into a war-torn post-apocalyptic future in Tom Clancy’s The Division. Very much in the same vein as Activision’s Destiny, The Division is a third-person shooter-come-role-playing game. It features a persistent online, multiplayer...
by Vic B'Stard's State of Play on Apr 21, 2016

Video Game Review: Automatron DLC

A nefarious villain thought to be a myth has made himself, and his goals, apparent. The Mechanist will enslave the whole world with his robotic army, if everything goes according to plan that is. Your goal is to stop him, preferably by giving him a d...
by RotoRob on Apr 18, 2016

Hitman returns: a look at episode one

Square Enix’s decision to release the new-gen entry to their Hitman franchise as a series of episodes was a bit of a surprise. Having played through the content released with the first episode a few times now, it makes perfect sense. As the origina...
by Vic B'Stard's State of Play on Apr 18, 2016

Video Game Review: RBI Baseball ‘16

For what should be a fun, enjoyable game that you can jump right into, RBI’s controls have an awfully steep learning curve. Balls don’t end up where you think they will, nor do players react how you think they should.
by RotoRob on Apr 13, 2016

Video Game Review: EA Sports UFC 2

While UFC 2 offers far more ways to play than its predecessor, its Career Mode is nearly identical, which is a disappointment. You once again make your way through The Ultimate Fighter, earning a contract with UFC and starting your ascent through the...
by RotoRob on Apr 11, 2016

Crazy Truck Review

A week or so ago, I reviewed Police Chase Race by Boombit Games and I enjoyed it so much that The post Crazy Truck Review appeared first on The Zombie Chimp.
by The Zombie Chimp on Apr 11, 2016

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