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On the makers and the things made with them.

I’ve always used content generation framework type programs like the Rpgmaker series of programs (ever since WAAAAY back in the days of Don Miguel, I feel old lol) and other programs for making music and suchlike. I’m really happy to R...
by Journal of a web developer on Apr 16, 2012

B2G On-Location: Manila Game Jam 2012 Day One

  The fated hour has finally arrived! A large number of game developers all over the world, may they be students, professionals and/or independent, have gathered in their country’s game jam locations to take part in the biggest game develo...
by Back2Gaming on Jan 28, 2012


I was ambling along the other day and took some pictures of the ground along a path near my place. They came out alright, I’ll be putting them into a game I’m working on.
by Journal of a web developer on Oct 30, 2011

Found a nice site today, check it out!

I found another site dedicated to game development today, among other things. I’ve been working a lot (not alot) on an rpg, third person action adventure game, and tons of other stuff, but time constraints are a special brand of … Continu...
by Journal of a web developer on Oct 24, 2011

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