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Cross Stitch with Coats Crafts UK

When I was a child I loved embroidery, and my stitching passions progressed to tapestry and finally cross stitch.  Over the years I’ve spent many hours making up kits for family and friends.  Anything from birth samplers to Christmas stocking...
by Over 40 and a Mum to One on Jun 7, 2016

Kents Garden Birds

While visiting my dad in Margate I decided to spend some time looking at and photographing the birds found in his humble urban garden, he gets a lot more birds, in physical numbers, than I do (years more feeding), and a heck of a lot more species.
by Views From An Urban Lake on Feb 28, 2015

The last ringing for 2014

I know that I'm very late with this post, but I had to wait for the pictures. Around Christmas I've managed to find some time for ringing and the results were very,very good. For few days of ringing ( and few hours per day) I've ringed 48 birds from...
by Bird Banding in Bulgaria on Jan 25, 2015

Treat Your Garden Birds with These Cool Designs | Life & Garden

Treat Your Garden Birds with These Cool Designs | Life & Garden You are feeding birds throughout the year to do, but during the cold months could use some extras. Garden birds keeping warm......
by Design Of Furniture on Nov 20, 2014

Garden Fairy’s

I  couldn’t have timed it better. I just arrived back in Brisbane after three weeks on the road in China and Malaysia to find that the family of Superb Fairy Wrens that were nesting in the back yard were about to leave the nest. Now, three wee...
by Wild Eye View on Mar 24, 2014

Creating a British Style Garden to Beautify Your House

British style garden has a different charm. This type of garden looks formal and romantic. The impression that emerges from cuttings style, color grading plants, and other supporting material. Below are some of the main characteristics of a British g...
by Home Garden Air on Mar 9, 2014

Garden Birds : Finches

I'm interested in garden birds since I was a little boy and I've decided to make post about interesting garden birds in Bulgaria and Europe. I think that those post are going to be very interesting and useful to people that are not so familiar with b...
by Bird Banding in Bulgaria on Nov 3, 2013

Garden Variety Free Wallpaper

Download Garden Variety Free Wallpaper which is part of the Animals,Birds wallpapers collection. If you don't find the exact wallpaper you are looking for, then Choose Free HD Widescreen Animals,Birds Wallpaper which may fits perfect to your desktop.
by Crazy Wallpapers on Jan 10, 2013

How Birds can help with Pest Control

Birds can help you with effective pest control. You should attract birds to your garden and yards to get rid of pests. Birds eat away pests and can be highly beneficial for your garden. If you want to use the birds for pest control you should make su...
by Petanim on Nov 30, 2012

Staying Safe And Saving Money On A Play Centre

Play centres are something that many children enjoy being on or in. they can offer your child hours of stimulation and fun. This means that you can keep them out in the garden getting active for hours on end. For those people who have busy home lives...

Photo of the Day; My Favorite Wild Pigeon

You know life is sweet when a Pink Necked Green Pigeon perches in a tree above where you are sitting. About 10-15 of these birds visit our garden in Bangsar every evening to feed on the fruit of the Macarther Palms.
by Wild Eye View on Apr 15, 2012

Malaysian Garden Gold

Malaysia has some wonderful birds. Unfortunately most are found deep inside the forests. However, one stunning golden beauty, the Black Naped Oriole is a common garden bird that is not only pleasant to look it has a nice melodious yodel that is alway...
by Wild Eye View on Feb 19, 2012

Photo of the Day; Sun Ripened Olive

Sunbirds are one of my favorite bird species. This female Olive Backed Sunbird was photographed in the garden yesterday afternoon having a post monsoon shower feast on some Coral tree flowers. They are delicate little birds that are always a pleasure...
by Wild Eye View on Feb 19, 2012

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