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G. K. Chesterton and C. S. Lewis Agree: What Every Christian Must Acknowledge

Consider the following: Our original state of grace was forfeited when our first parents rejected God's love in favor of the Devil's lies. God loves us so much that even if you were the only person to have ever lived, Christ would have suffered and d...
by BIG C CATHOLICS on Dec 19, 2016


Dizziness set in and my head was a muddled mess. I staggered around, desperately trying to keep my balance. In a short time, I was transported to another part of the forest. I found myself deposited in what seemed to … Continue reading →...
by Putting My Feet in the Dirt on Mar 16, 2016


Dizziness set in and my head was a muddled mess. I staggered around, desperately trying to keep my balance. In a short time, I was transported to another part of the forest. I found myself deposited in what seemed to … Continue reading →...
by Putting My Feet in the Dirt on Mar 16, 2016


I was suddenly awakened by the sound of crunching leaves, whispering voices, and the annoying buzz of insects which were apparently hovering somewhere nearby. Opening my eyes was quite difficult. My eyelids felt heavy, like they had been sealed shut...
by Putting My Feet in the Dirt on Mar 12, 2016

An Apple a Day

Corporate logos are among the most instantly recognizable symbols in the world. Even in “developing” countries, kids know what the golden arches represent. Not a real fan of large corporations, I still buy things not knowing who the manufacturer...

#Review# ~Mis paletas de Sleek~

Hola chicas!!Hoy os vengo a enseñar mi pequeña colección de paletas cuyas sombras me han enamorado desde la primera paleta que compré y que ha sido un no parar desde entonces. Hablo de las i Divine de Sleek, sus famosas paletas de 12 sombras.Slee...
by Tsuki Style Makeup on May 15, 2015

Man: A Completely Different Species From Other Creatures

Adam & Eve Painting by MabuseI came across a Gallup Poll which showed that 73% of USA residents believe that God played a part in the creation of man.People were asked to choose one of three options:Human beings have developed over millions of ye...

Maia Luxury Resort & Spa Seychelles

A secluded tropical haven of blue water, white sand, and carefree living, Maia Luxury Resort & Spa Seychelles is vintage Seychelles by the seashore. An ideal property to go and hide away. Nobody from the outside is allowed in. Legend has it that...
by eTravelTrips on Sep 10, 2014


THE SACRAMENT-United States-95 Mins. 2013 Directed and Written by Ti West I was telling a friend of mine, Alex Laybourne, that one thing I have noticed about the films I have watched from director Ti West is that he enjoys … Continue reading &#...
by Written in Blood on Aug 31, 2014

The Annunciation

The Annunciation by Fra Angelico, c.1430-32The post The Annunciation appeared first on - Rosary Explained, Hail Mary in the Bible.

#Look# ~Recopilatorio Instagram de la Semana~

Hola chicas!Tal y como os venía diciendo os voy a enseñar algunos looks que he estado publicando en Instagram para enseñároslos juntos y si, alguno os gusta, enseñar un paso a paso.Voy a empezar este recopilatorio desde el 1 de Mayo, ya que no m...
by Tsuki Style Makeup on May 10, 2014

The Garden Of Eden

A Brit, a Frenchman and a Russian are viewing a painting of Adam and Eve frolicking in the Garden of Eden."Look at their reserve, their calm," muses the Brit. "They must be British.""Nonsense," the Frenchman disagrees. "They're naked, and so beautifu...
by n-yo-face on May 8, 2014

#Haul# ~Marzo-Abril~ Primor

Hola chicas!!Hoy os traigo el Haul de Marzo y Abril. Como no compré bastantes cosas en Marzo he preferido unirlo con el de Abril.Os voy a enseñar las compritas que hice en Primor durante este mes en el que taché varias cosas de mi wishlist.Paleta...
by Tsuki Style Makeup on May 5, 2014

Most Alien-looking Place on Earth

Socotra island is an isolated freak show of biodiversity located 220 miles off of the coast of Yemen and 150 miles from the Horn of Africa. One third of the plant life found on Socotra is exclusive to remote island and many of the animals also can...
by Inside Ben's Brain on Mar 2, 2014

Swatches: Garden of Eden Eyeshadow palette by Sleek MakeUp

Sleek MakeUp is een merk waar ik echt vaak van over kan blijven schrijven. Het is een fantastisch merk met een onwijs breed assortiment. Bij Sleek blijven ze ook vernieuwen, en sinds enige weken is er opnieuw een LE iDivine oogschaduw palette toegevo...
by on Feb 5, 2014

Sleek Garden of Eden palette

Afgelopen maandag liet ik een eyelook tutorial zien waarbij ik gebruik heb gemaakt van het nieuwste limited edition Sleek i-Divine palette genaamd ‘Garden of Eden’, maar vandaag wil ik dit palette uitgebreid reviewen.… Lees verder..
by BeautyLab on Jan 31, 2014

Garden of Eden eyelook

Hoera! Sleek MakeUP heeft weer een nieuw Sleek i-Divine palette uitgebracht genaamd ‘Garden of Eden‘. Het palette bevat prachtige kleuren in aardetinten, groentinten en wat warme taupekleurtjes. Het is een perfect palette voor de mensen d...
by BeautyLab on Jan 27, 2014

Le grand ménage à trois

After Adam and Eve got evicted from the Garden of Eden, presumably for being lousy tenants — from a rent-free property, mind you — they proceeded to sire a dysfunctional family. Sacrilegious for me to say, you say? Well, all humanity is a dysfunc...
by on Jan 15, 2014

10 Ways an Apple a Day Truly Keeps the Doctor Away

In the eyes of those who believe, the world as we know it today started the deceitful sharing of a red delicious apple. Legend calls out the crop as being the forbidden one in the Garden of Eden. Eve took a bite of it then Adam followed suit, therefo...
by Hug a Tree with Me on Jan 8, 2014

In the Beginning

In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. And the Earth was without form and void. And considering what we’ve done to it ever since then, it was probably better off. Oh yes, we miserable humans have filled one millennium after another...
by on Jan 1, 2014

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