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Christmas Gifts V - tools

I've recommended some of these items in years past, but garden favorites are garden favorites. From AM Leonard: Not very classy looking, but these gloves do the job, you can wash them -- and they're cheaper than most. The more you buy, the less you p...
by Garden Design Online on Dec 9, 2014

Eco Friendly Garden Design Idea for You to Try

The presence of environmentally friendly garden in front of the house is able to present the appearance of the shade in the eye. Moreover, if the concept of green is successfully applied, then the beauty of the park became more visible. It turns out...
by Home Garden Air on Nov 21, 2014

Garden Tips, How to Maintain Rose in Your Home Garden

Rose is the kind of plants that lure. Not surprisingly, this plant is often used in various occasions. There are several things to consider in caring for roses. Not only beautiful, the rose also has its own scent, so the roses are so popular even pri...
by Home Garden Air on Jul 10, 2014

How to Turn Hydrangeas Pink or Blue

I love hydrangeas! They are my favorite flower. I have them planted in my front and back yard. When I first planted them many years ago they were a brilliant purple pink. Not quite blue, not quite purple, not quite pink – they were just right.
by In My Own Style on May 13, 2014

Guest Post: Tips on Selecting Digging Tools for Planting Your Annuals

By Michael Bernzweig If you haven’t planted flowers yet this spring, seize the next opportunity to add some eye-popping annuals. Beautifying your yard and surroundings is good for the soul. Even if you don’t have time to plant a whole … Con...
by Fun Flower Facts on Apr 28, 2014

Realizing the Idea of Japanese Traditional Garden

Japan is famous for countries that still retain elements of art and tradisionalitasnya , although the country has experienced rapid progress in the field of economics and technology . One form of the beauty of Japanese art can be seen on the sakura c...
by Home Garden Air on Apr 13, 2014

Tips in Creating an Eco Friendly Garden

Gardens are environmentally friendly if it is able to function optimally. This element can be used not only support estetikabangunan, also fully functional on the surrounding environment. Tropical country would need a garden that can absorb heat and...
by Home Garden Air on Mar 26, 2014

How to Create a Classic Western Garden Style

You get bored with the appearance of a modern garden-style minimalist or contemporary? We all know that the modern garden style trend has become very widespread in many parts of the world. Therefore it could be you as someone who wants to be differen...
by Home Garden Air on Mar 9, 2014

Creating a British Style Garden to Beautify Your House

British style garden has a different charm. This type of garden looks formal and romantic. The impression that emerges from cuttings style, color grading plants, and other supporting material. Below are some of the main characteristics of a British g...
by Home Garden Air on Mar 9, 2014

Garden Sheds, a Nice Stuff for Your Garden

Garden sheds to make your garden as beautiful as you want Garden is a part of your house which surely can make your house look beautiful and also comfortable to live in, and especially you can take care of your garden very well. But, another thing yo...
by HOSOWO on Sep 4, 2013

Six Tools For The Vegetable Garden

P. Allen Smith walks you through six essentials tools for your vegetable garden. A garden fork, a shovel, a trowel,a watering wand, clippers, and trellises.
by How To Garden Video on Jul 5, 2013

Heads Up: A Great Deal on My Favorite Farm and Garden Cart

Using some muscle last month to prepare a neglected (and falling apart) 4'x8' raised bed for planting (it had been unused so long there was a tree growing out of it). One of the first purchases I made after moving to the country 18 years ago was a...
by In My Kitchen Garden on May 17, 2013

Best Garden Tools…How Do You Know?

The basic definition of best garden tools depends from person to person. If you are a professional gardener, wouldn’t you be looking for the best garden tools you know? Budget won’t really matter as your tools would help you to make a liv...
by Landscape Design on Mar 20, 2013

Know Your Zone

Are you confused? Me, too. Who can remember all this stuff?!  This should help. I’m a 10 (in my dreams!) and a 24. More specifically, I live in Zone 10 in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones and Zone 24 in the Sunset Garden Climate Zones. The differenc...
by on Oct 10, 2012

Sportsmans Guide Tools

Sportsmans Guide is one of the largest online outdoor store which you can find everything about outdoor products and equipment at Sportsmans Guide website. When you visit Sportsmans Guide website you will find lowest price on all outdoor products on...
by Coupon Online Codes on Oct 8, 2012

Broadcast Spreader An Important Lawn Tool

One of the most important lawn and garden tools is a broadcast spreader. It is also called rotary spreaders. A broadcast spreader is used in small and big lawns and yards. Using it can save time with lesser work. Proper care and maintenance of this t...

Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Outdoor Propane Gas Grill

by DIYonHome on May 22, 2012

Suncast SSW1200 Mocha Resin Wicker 22-Gallon Storage Seat

by DIYonHome on May 22, 2012

Black & Decker ST1000 9-Inch 1.8 amp Electric Grass Trimmer

by DIYonHome on May 22, 2012

Intex Easy Set 8-Foot Pool Cover

by DIYonHome on May 22, 2012

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