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1987 Lincoln Town Car Troubleshoot the Fuel System

The 1987 Lincoln Town Car is a sedan whose fuel system can fall into disrepair. If you are experiencing problems starting or accelerating your Lincoln Town Car, you can troubleshoot the fuel system in your own driveway even if you are unfamiliar with...
by Auto Service and Repair Review on Mar 12, 2016

I Need a Vacation From Civilization!

I miss small stores. Miss the individual touch, the smiles, the thank you’s. I realize in many cases these courtesies were coerced, a condition of employment, but still, there was a feeling of one’s patronage being appreciated. Now, at best, the...
by Bertram's Blog on Jan 27, 2016

Why Pay At The Pump Credit Card Zip Code Controls Frustrate Me

Travelling to America allows me to experience life in the largest economy in the world and some may say the most commercially focused. Compared to the UK numerous items are cheaper, such as food, electronics and the petrol price in the USA is about h...
by Flights And Frustration on Jun 5, 2015

Are You Being Cheated at the Gas Pump?

Are you being cheated at the gas pump? Over the last few months, as my husband was reconciling our gas charges, he noticed that we were being charged more than usual at one particular gas station. It is right by our house, and my husband, my daughter...
by More with Less Today on Sep 18, 2013

The technologically exasperating gas station situation

When did pumping gas become so incredibly technical? I don’t typically have to deal with this chore myself and have gotten used to just assuming that my tank is full. Usually my husband fills up my gas tank for me on the weekends {I am spoiled}. Th...
by Mom Mart on Mar 20, 2012

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