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Celebrities who have had weight loss surgery

Here’s a list of celebrities who have had weight loss surgery. Google them to learn more! Rosie O’Donnell – Gastric sleeve in 2013 Sharon Osbourne – Gastric band in 1999 Randy Jackson – Gastric bypass in 2003 Roseanne Ba...
by Phoenix Revolution on Jul 27, 2016

A Guide To Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

Exercises to Avoid After Bariatric Surgery Bariatric surgery is considered one of the best ways to lose weight when diet and exercise have failed. But bariatric surgery is not a substitute for diet and exercise. Once you’ve completed your surgery,...
by Mexico Bariatric Center Blog on Jul 13, 2016

Read This Before You Decide to Try AspireAssist

AspireAssist vs. Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, and Other Bariatric Surgery – How Does it Compare? Recently, the FDA approved a new bariatric surgery and weight loss device. Known as AspireAssist from Aspire Bariatrics, the AspireAssist is one of...
by Mexico Bariatric Center Blog on Jul 11, 2016

Amy Turlington Can Ride Horseback Again!

Amy Can Ride Horseback Again! Amy Turlington underwent weight loss surgery with us here at Mexico Bariatric Center and is one of the first to submit her non-scale victory photos and video for us to share on our website and social media. Here is what...
by Mexico Bariatric Center Blog on Jun 22, 2016

Wow, back into the nightmare!

I haven’t updated in a long time, and that was originally because everything was going great. And then everything wasn’t going so hot, and, honestly, I guess I just didn’t want to be a downer. Or I didn’t want to really accept...
by Phoenix Revolution on Mar 3, 2015

Yup, It’s the Gallbladder

Yesterday I went in for my second test to try to figure out/rule out what was causing my stomach pains back in Jan/Feb.  I was originally scheduled for a regular endoscopy, but the day before my bariatric surgeon called and asked if I would consider...
by Phoenix Revolution on Mar 20, 2013

Tummy Pains! Oh no!

Good morning Revolutionists! I hope you are all doing well! Things have been good with me, can’t complain overall! I’ve been skiing a lot, making new friends, keeping busy at work. Life is good…keeps getting better and better, reall...
by Phoenix Revolution on Mar 12, 2013

2 Year Maintenance Anniversary

Hello Revolutionists! Is everyone enjoying this holiday season? I realize that it has been a while since I’ve posted! The reason for this is mainly because I haven’t really had a lot to talk about with regards to my gastric band and weigh...
by Phoenix Revolution on Dec 28, 2012

My Baltic Sea Vacation!

Hi everyone! I’m back from my vacation, and wow! What a vacation it was! I’ll give you the lowdown, but because this is I suppose technically a weight loss-ish blog, I’ll let you know what the food situation was at each place. I too...
by Phoenix Revolution on Jun 21, 2012

Gastric Band and Belly Button Piercings (Navel Rings)

It turns out that getting a belly button ring affects the gastric band. I wouldn’t have guessed that, so it has been a bit of a learning experience for me. Here are some pictures. Please note that I think my belly button ring is infected. It...
by Phoenix Revolution on Apr 9, 2012

End of March Update!

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL lately. I’ve been just enjoying life, doing the same-ol same-ol. I kind of feel like a broken record sometimes with the weight loss tips and updates on my life.  Still, I hate to neglect my blog en...
by Phoenix Revolution on Mar 30, 2012

A blip in “maintenance mode…”

Well, I’ve been driving this “maintenance mode” gravy train for a little over a year, and I’ve noticed that my weight has gone up and down a little bit (say, 5 pounds) but it has stayed well within range. However, I can feel t...
by Phoenix Revolution on Feb 23, 2012

Gastric Band Surgery – Are You Sure?

Gastric band surgery works, but at what price? Please consider all other options first.Here are some great tips and information on healthy eating: Here are some great tips and information on healthy eating:
by Petra Peach on Sep 20, 2010

Gastro Bypass Surgery – Why?

Gastric surgery is the absolute last resort for obese people. Identifying your issues, learning about food and self control is the key to weight loss.Here are some great tips and information on healthy eating: Here are some great tips...
by Petra Peach on Jun 30, 2010

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