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Samsung Gear S3 Promotional Video

It’s been a few days since the announcement of Samsung Gear S3 smart watch and I am a little excited about it. I am a huge Apple fan but I cannot deny that the Gear S3 looks amazing and I will be getting one as soon as it comes out. I think I m...
by AppWatchWear on Sep 3, 2016

Samsung Unveils New Gear S3 Smartwatch

Well it’s really not a massive surprised to many. But for those who aren’t aware, Samsung have announces a brand new smartwatch, the Gear S3. There are no announcement of price, only that the watch will be available in the US and worldwid...
by AppWatchWear on Aug 31, 2016

Poll: How Much Do You Think The Samsung Gear S3 Will Cost?

The Samsung Gear S3 have been announced and is due to be release worldwide in the fall. However there are no report of how much it will cost. We have put together a poll to get people opinion on what they think the Smartwatch will cost. Let us know b...
by AppWatchWear on Aug 31, 2016

Gear S3 aparece en imagen promocional

También lo que parece ser la invitación al evento.
by PoderPDA on Jun 20, 2016

Samsung lanzará smartwatch con Tizen OS

Su nombre clave es “Solis”. Se cree que es el Gear S3.
by PoderPDA on Jun 17, 2016

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