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The political caricatures of old have taken human form, but they’re still nothing like us

by Jack Yan: the Persuader Blog on May 8, 2015

Ed’s message to Labour Party members

Dear …., This is not the email I wanted to be writing to you today. I am profoundly sorry for the defeat we suffered, and more grateful than I can express for the support that you have shown me, and our party, throughout this campaign. I take f...
by Socialist Unity on May 8, 2015

Detailed General Election results for Brent

by wembleymatters on May 8, 2015

We must release passion and creativity to produce an alternative vision for society after the Tory victory

As I left the Civic Centre in the early hours this morning, sickened by the thought of five years of Tory government that will dismember the welfare state, continue the ideological war on the poor, disabled and migrant, and overcome by the sheer ugli...
by wembleymatters on May 8, 2015

Six reasons to vote Green tomorrow - for a real alternative to the neoliberal parties

As decision day approaches here are six short videos that support the case for voting Green tomorrow.
by wembleymatters on May 6, 2015

UK Society Is Less Integrated Than Ever

Image from the Daily MailIt never ceases to amaze me how politicians and prospective politicians treat voters. Yesterday Ed Miliband, quite rightly, was ridiculed for his ‘Tablet of Stone’ circus.  Who is advising that man?  H...
by Subrosa on May 5, 2015

Nick Clegg – an obituary

By Ian Drummond There is a party leader called Nick, a former MEP, called the “most loathed man in Britain” by the press, who has led his party first through “modernisation” to new heights, then to years of disaster and diminishing returns. I...
by Socialist Unity on May 5, 2015

How to explain the general election to a four year old

As we were driving back from Little Miss C’s swimming lesson last week she asked me why lost of houses has signs in their front garden and why they were all different colours. With the general election fast approaching she was of course referri...
by Being Mrs C on May 4, 2015

UK General Elections Results 2015 – Vote Count & Seats

UK General Elections Result 2015 : General Elections the United Kingdom have been scheduled on 7th of May 2015. It is going to be battle between Labour and Conservatives with other parties also affecting the final outcome.The exact number of seats a...
by Infoxss on May 3, 2015

Something’s Missing In This Election Campaign

The campaigning of the ‘big three’ hasn’t exactly set the heather alight has it? The American styled hustings have been a complete turn off for me. How can any politician be taken seriously when they so blatantly falsify major announc...
by Subrosa on Apr 30, 2015

The Numbers Game

Over the years I’ve complained about the lack of media interest in the SNP.  As a party they’ve struggled long and hard for air time and any recognition in the printed press, but this time round it feels as if the UK’s immediate future wil...
by Subrosa on Apr 27, 2015

General election 2015: "It pumps me up!!!" not a lot

"IT PUMPS ME UP!!!" I KNEW David Cameron would try the Obama "anger translator" trick and screw it up. His speech today launching his small business manifesto (sic!) in London was made even more hideously embarrassing by not actually hiring in t...
by Madam Miaow Says on Apr 27, 2015

Make up your mind Norman

To find arguments and frustrations about the dreadful lobbying Bill which the coalition introduced just over a year ago, you might do worse than search for references on this blog. However with 42 blogs written on the topic to date … Continue r...
by IanChisnall on Apr 22, 2015

Brent Central Hustings Tuesday April 21st 7-9pm

There have been fewer hustings in Brent Central than in Hampstead and Kilburn constituency so this is a chance to meet and question your candidates before polling day. The church is near the corner of All Souls Avenue and Bathurst Gardens,...
by wembleymatters on Apr 20, 2015


by wembleymatters on Apr 20, 2015

Austerity v humanity and the rise and rise of Nicola Sturgeon

The story of the lead-up to the 2015 general election is the story of Nicola Sturgeon’s emergence as the voice of progressive politics not only for people in Scotland but all over Britain, battered by five years of a Tory-led coalition governme...
by Socialist Unity on Apr 17, 2015

Make your mind up time! Read the Green Party Manifesto here

The Green Party are standing candidates in all the local parliamentary constituencies and feedback on their performance at hustings is excellent.  If you cannot get along to the hustings take a little time to look at the Green Party manifesto. C...
by wembleymatters on Apr 16, 2015

Jim Murphy, Saviour of The Union

And there’s more ...  It’s not looking good for Jim is it?
by Subrosa on Apr 14, 2015

Register to vote NOW! It's not too late.

by wembleymatters on Apr 14, 2015

Britain's "liberal" media and UK Chinese: from London Chinatown to the general election

The Guardian has always been sloppy about China matters, but its publishing stable now appears to have given up any pretence of writing about UK Chinese issues informatively. "It was a genuine community built by the emigrants from Hong Kong who, havi...
by Madam Miaow Says on Apr 13, 2015

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