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Facebook will urge every adult to vote in the General Election

If canvassers, flyers and TV debates weren't enough, Facebook is going to play its part in getting Brits to vote in this year's General Election. For tomorrow only, the social network will host the "largest ever voter registration campaign," its firs...
by engadget on Feb 4, 2015

Panchayat Election Result 2015 Zila Parishad

Rajasthan Panchayati Raj Election Result 2015 – Live Vote Counting, Panchayat General Election Result 2015 for Zila Pramukh, Zila Parishad Member, Panchayat Simiti Director, Zila Parishad election District wise Seat for BJP & Congress Panch...
by All Exam on Feb 4, 2015

Youth Protests For The Postponement Of Nigeria February General Elections (PHOTOS)

Protesters numbering about 100 stormed the headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Monday, demanding the postponement of this month’s general election. The youth gathered at the INEC headquarters in the Maitama District...
by Kennwafor's Blog on Feb 3, 2015

Similarities between Business and Politics?

Many businesses operate on a model which focuses on an existing market and then attempts to win customers from competitors, cutting costs and improving the sales pitch when compared to the existing businesses, but essentially selling the same thing t...
by IanChisnall on Jan 28, 2015

"Next PDP Presidential Candidate Must Be Younger Than Me" - President GEJ

The President said this while speaking at the party's campaign rally in Nassarawa state today.
by Kennwafor's Blog on Jan 27, 2015

Nigeria Blocking Foreign Journalists From Getting Visas To Cover Forthcoming Election?

Geoffrey York is an Africa correspondent for The Globe and Mail, based in Johannesburg, South Africa and he's on Twitter claiming foreign journalists are being blocked form getting visas to cover elections in Nigeria. how true??More tweets after the...
by Kennwafor's Blog on Jan 27, 2015

Wind Power ‘more resilient than fossil fuels’

As we approach the General Election we are faced with choices on a number of different fronts all at once. This is the point at which we are sold the biggest lie in our democracy. Every 5 years politicians bundle … Continue reading →...
by IanChisnall on Jan 22, 2015

Nigerian Army Says They Dont Have Gen. Buhari's Credentials - Read Official Statement

The Nigerian Army has in an official statement said they are not in possession of the original or copies of the credentials of the presidential candidate of the APC, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. The Director, Army Public Relations, Brig, Gen O. Laleye...
by Kennwafor's Blog on Jan 20, 2015

See the Educational Qualifications of all 14 Nigeria Presidential Candidates & Running Mates

Prior to the forth coming Nigeria General Election, INEC released this spreadsheet detailing the educational qualifications of all 14 presidential aspirants .Buhari is listed as having just a WASC,(his other certificates are said to be with the milit...
by Kennwafor's Blog on Jan 19, 2015

Caught on Camera: Buhari and GEJ Hugging, Laughing and Holding Hands For the First Time

 The Two Nigeria Presidential Candidates President Goodluck Jonathan and Gen. Muhammadu Buhari was pictured in Abuja holding hands, laughing and hugging yesterday at a Workshop on non-violence organized in preparation for the 2015 general electi...
by Kennwafor's Blog on Jan 15, 2015

Meet Buhari's Beautiful Daughter And See What She is Causing on Twitter

Buhari's Beautiful daughter is trending on twitter right now... Guys, have been tweeting at her to follow back, saying all sort of funny stuffs...some even claiming to vote Buhari just because of her beautyMore funny Tweets belowDm?BMH!!
by Kennwafor's Blog on Jan 13, 2015

"If Re-elected I Will Fight Corruption With The Use Of Technology" - President GEJ

 President Jonathan says if re-elected, he will tackle corruption in Nigeria using modern technology. The President said this while speaking at his campaign rally in Ibadan today. He said that even if he jails 5 million people for corruption, th...
by Kennwafor's Blog on Jan 12, 2015

Meet Prof. Comfort Oluremi the Only Nigerian Female Presidential Candidate In 2015 Elections

Prof. Comfort Oluremi Sonaiya is the only female contesting in the February 14th, 2015 presidential election. Sonaiya is contesting under the platform of KOWA and her running mate is Saidu Bobboi. Sonaiya is a former Professor of Foreign Language...
by Kennwafor's Blog on Jan 9, 2015

Nollywood Director,Charles Novia Gives Reasons Why He Is Voting For Goodluck Jonathan

Award winning Nollywood director and critic,Charles Novia took to Twitter to list his reasons why he would be voting for President GEJ and not Buhari in the coming February 2015 election. read more of his tweets below:...
by Kennwafor's Blog on Jan 8, 2015

Election 2015 – Round 1

If you live in the UK you must have been living under a stone if you haven’t noticed that there’s going to be a General Election in May this year. Here we are just a week in to 2015 and already all the political parties seem to be setting...
by Being Mrs C on Jan 8, 2015

Does anyone doubt an early election now?

First, this morning, with the ouster of the Burglar of National Defense, Harper was clearly wiping the table of any “nuisance” that may dog him during the campaign. Now, it comes to light that Harper will deign to meet the Premier of Cana...
by Trashy's World on Jan 5, 2015

Lets vote for a change

The need for change in our political landscape appears to be reflected in so many recent events. The tantalisingly close Independence referendum in Scotland in 2014. The substantial level of electoral success by Independent Police and Crime Commissi...
by IanChisnall on Jan 2, 2015

Nigerians Should Vote Out Goodluck Jonathan & Vote General Muhammadu Buhari - Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka

 It was a night of memory and surprises for many Igbo people on early morning of 1st january the popular Catholic Adoration Centre, EmeneEnugu, as the controversial Enugu Diocesan priest,Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, urged Ndigbo and every good Nigerian...
by Kennwafor's Blog on Jan 2, 2015

Lets vote for a change

The need for change in our political landscape appears to be reflected in so many recent events. The tantalisingly close Independence referendum in Scotland in 2014. The substantial level of electoral success by Independent Police and Crime Commissi...
by IanChisnall on Jan 2, 2015

See The Timetable and Schedule of activities for 2015 General Election

  As 2015 is coming so close INEC has released the Timetable  and schedules for the up coming General Election Look below  Source : Premium Times.
by Kennwafor's Blog on Dec 30, 2014

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