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How to Divide Daylilies

If you’re looking for a drought resistant, long lived, hardy  and easy to care for perennial to solve some of your landscaping problems, then daylilies (Hemerocallis spp) may be just what you’re looking for. With their arching sword like...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Jul 22, 2013

The Best Recipe for Compost

Imagine yourself as a chef. To cook a delicious meal, you select the best ingredients and combine them in a certain way, and in measured quantities to create wonderful dishes. The same can be said when creating compost. Just like cooking, you are giv...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Jun 20, 2013

Spit Bugs and Aphids

Just wondering if there’s some connection between spit bugs (you know, those little white foamy bits that look like someone’s been spitting in your plants) and aphid infestations. Seem to be lots of both in certain areas of the gardens th...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on May 21, 2013

Leaves to Brew: Tea Herbs

What could be more invigorating than filling your teapot with a blend of fresh herbs, and enjoying an early morning cup of herbal tea from your own tea herb garden! Each day you could make a different brew – citrus flavored lemony herbs like le...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on May 10, 2013

Guerilla Gardening – Planting for Change

If you haven’t found this amazing man on TED yet, here’s your chance. Taking steps to change his world, his neighborhood and the health of the residents.
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Mar 15, 2013

Fresh Herbs All Year Long: Grow ‘Em With Hydroponics

Have you ever thought about growing fresh herbs indoors using a hydroponic system? This is the best way to have them at your fingertips all year long. With a hydroponic system and its controlled lighting and feeding, your indoor plants won’t ge...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Feb 18, 2013

The Under Cover Gardening Guide

I’m excited to let you know that my second e-book  related to gardening has just come alive in Amazon’s Kindle Store. The Under Cover Gardening Guide is a complete guide to gardening with protective plant shelters. Both novice and exper...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Jan 20, 2013

A Labor Of Love: Your Own Fruit Orchard

The days are getting shorter here, mornings misty and cool. Down the street, the maple on the corner flames in early morning sun. Through the woods and fields, leaves are already forming a golden carpet, crunching underfoot as I walk in the crisp aft...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Oct 11, 2012

Spring’s on the Way – Free Gardening Handbook

Here on the west coast, the first snowdrops are already in blossom, and Spring is in the air. Today, I’d like to introduce my friend, Mike McGroarty. Mike has worked with plants all his life, and shows others how to make extra income with a sm...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Feb 10, 2012

EcoClear: Canada’s Leading Ecofriendly Vinegar Bioherbicide

Ecofriendly gardeners are always searching for more earth-friendly ways to garden, and the Ecoval company has come up with a winner. Weed control is one of the biggest chores any gardener faces. Most of us hate the idea of chemicals that can remain o...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Mar 11, 2011

Prepare Springtime Blooms with These Winter Gardening Tips

Cold, wet and possibly snowy months of winter don’t spell the end of your gardening hobbies. There are a number of tasks you’ll want to still undertake. A beautiful aspect of life in North America is that no matter where you reside, there...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Jan 5, 2011

Seed Types – How to Understand the Seed Catalog Terminology

The seed catalogs are starting to arrive in the mailbox, giving us a glimpse of spring to come. As gardeners, these are our winter dream books. They give us information about seed types as well as glossy photos of the vegetables, herbs and ornamental...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Dec 15, 2010

How to Create a Step-Over Espalier Hedge

The ancient Romans were the first to espalier fruit trees, but the French really perfected the idea. The name, espalier, is from the French epaule, for shoulder. Why espalier? Well, it’s a challenge that any gardener would enjoy, first of all.
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Dec 8, 2010

Winter Reading for Gardeners

Winter Reading for Gardeners Winter winds, freezing nights and days, rain or snow – and the garden sleeps. Is there any better time to catch up on your reading – about gardening, of course – than during the winter. Imagine sitting...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Nov 29, 2010

Winterize Your Herb Garden

Well, we arrived home from a week in sunny Las Vegas, welcomed by snow and below zero temperatures! Unusual for here on the west coast of Canada in mid-November. Luckily, I had taken care to winterize my herbs before I left. Here’s what to do w...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Nov 23, 2010

Tips for Growing Herbs Indoors

Sure, you can enjoy fresh herbs all summer long, but what about those dull cold winter months? Well, growing herbs can be done indoors too! There are several herbs that lend themselves to easy growing indoors. Depending on the space you have, and the...
by Through Nana's Garden Gate on Sep 10, 2010

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