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Genre Kryptonite: The Artsy Girl

Buffy the Vampire Slayer came later in my life than for most people my age. As a result, I loved Buffy for much too long and ignored other types of female protagonists: the kinds of characters who, like me, did … Continued You just finished r...
by Book Riot on Jul 25, 2015

Genre Kryptonite: Books about Immigrants

August 2015 marks 20 years that my parents and I have been living in the United States. We came to Chicago from Mexico City, and in those 20 years my family and I have achieved a great deal. My parents … Continued You just finished reading Ge...
by Book Riot on Jul 23, 2015

Genre Kryptonite: Academics Down the Rabbit Hole

I love reading about academics who end up in the middle of conspiracy theories or obsessive hunts for serial killers. Blame it on the university scene at the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, …...
by Book Riot on Jul 21, 2015

Soundtrack Pick : Paper Towns (2015)

After Fault in Our Stars (2014), John Green’s latest novel-adapted-to-movie is Paper Towns (2015). FiOS was released last year, almost the same as this movie,... The post Soundtrack Pick : Paper Towns (2015) appeared first on Inspired Ground.
by Inspired Ground on Jul 20, 2015

Avoiding Fantasy Fatigue

If you’re reading this article you might be thinking two things: 1. Why would a fantasy website feature an article about being burned out with fantasy? 2. I’m burned out on fantasy, so I want to see what this guy rants about. Well, to put...
by Mythic Scribes on Jul 11, 2015

Pets in Mysteries

Mystery books are the genre I enjoy reading and writing the most. Lately, I’ve noticed my stack of cozy mysteries has grown, many of which involve pets in some way. Cats and dogs, specifically. In pondering why this has been … Continue readin...
by Second Wind Publishing on Jul 11, 2015

Genre Kryptonite: Summer Friendships

“Summer read” is one of those terms thrown around somewhat loosely; a term that can mean a variety of things, depending on the context. Sometimes summer reads are simply books released in the summer of any given year. Sometimes “summer...
by Book Riot on Jul 10, 2015

Genre Kryptonite: Introspective Heroines

I’ve always been a quiet girl, more content to sit in a corner and observe the people around me than to enter the crowd. I like to turn events and interactions over and over in my head, to revisit moments … Continued You just finished readi...
by Book Riot on Jul 9, 2015

Blind Spot ’15 : Rebel Without A Cause (1955)

I think the title ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ got me thinking that James Dean was a dangerous and feared bad ass. After I watched the... The post Blind Spot ’15 : Rebel Without A Cause (1955) appeared first on Inspired Ground.
by Inspired Ground on Jul 1, 2015

Genre Kryptonite: Superheroes

This is a guest post from Scott Hawkins. Scott lives in Atlanta with his wife and a whole bunch of foster dogs. When not writing he likes to cook long and ridiculously complicated recipes, watch movies, and play fetch with the … Continued Yo...
by Book Riot on Jun 30, 2015

10 Listener Fatigues

When listeners listen to preaching there are many different fatigues that can undermine the effectiveness of our preaching.  If we are aware of these fatigues, then maybe we can craft our preaching with sensitivity to the listeners.  Let’s ju...
by Biblical Preaching on Jun 18, 2015

Top 5 Horror Movies (That Stop Me Sleeping)

The scariest photo I could find of Alexander (don’t worry my kids don’t watch horror movies)! I love writing my film round-ups but I’ve realised one genre I haven’t covered is horror movies which could well be because I’...
by Honest Mum on Jun 17, 2015

Ragga Twins x Gosteffects – Time Fi Legalize

by Jamworld876 on Jun 17, 2015

Zoo Rass “The Rasta Prince” EP

HypeYawdz Records Presents: Zoo Rass “The Rasta Prince EP.” Don’t judge the book by the cover. If you thought, like me, that “The Rasta Prince EP” was a conscious Reggae music EP… you got it wrong. It’s actual...
by Jamworld876 on Jun 15, 2015

Top and best songs of Taylor Swift 2015

Top and best  songs of Taylor Swift  2015Taylor Swift Songs ✔ VEVO Songs ★ VEVO 2015 Taylor Swift HD  Bad Blood ft. Kendrick LamarTaylor Swift as CatastropheSelena Gomez as ArsynKarlie Kloss as KnockoutKendrick Lamar as Welvin Da G...
by top 10 music on Jun 12, 2015

Genre Kryptonite: Boy Heroes

This is a guest post from Sharanya. Sharanya is an elementary school teacher in Washington, DC. When she’s not running around after children like a madwoman, she likes to sit and inhale books and coffee. She’s had a life-long love … Continu...
by Book Riot on Jun 12, 2015

Weekend View : It Follows (2014) & Belle (2013)

The busy woman finally have time to write about movies. Our contributor, Tegar, joins us too with the genre he loves, horror. While I decided... The post Weekend View : It Follows (2014) & Belle (2013) appeared first on Inspired Ground.
by Inspired Ground on Jun 10, 2015

IUD Kit DAK BKKBN 2015 | Sterilisator Uap & Sterilisator Listrik

IUD KIT DAK BKKBN 2015 adalah peralatan dan instrument penunjang petugas BKKBN dalam pemasangan dan pelepasan Kontrasepsi KB IUD (Intra Uterine Device) atau yang lebih dikenal dengan KB Susuk. IUD KIT DAK BKKBN 2015 disediakan BKKBN dalam rangka me...
by ALKESEXPO on Jun 7, 2015

Iud Kit BKKBN 2015 | Sterilisator Uap dan Listrik

IUD KIT DAK BKKBN 2015 adalah peralatan dan instrument […]...
by Juknis DAK BKKBN on Jun 7, 2015

Sarana PLKB BKKBN 2015

Sarana PLKB BKKBN 2015 – Juknis DAK BKKBN 2015 Sa […]...
by Juknis DAK BKKBN on Jun 6, 2015

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