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Bye to the US news app that ranks the Steven Joyce dildo incident above Martin Crowe’s passing

I’ve just switched from Inside, the much vaunted news app from entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, to Wildcard as my principal news app on my phone. I never got to use Circa (which I understand Jason was also behind), which sounded excellent: by the time...
by Jack Yan: the Persuader Blog on Mar 4, 2016

To these people, even Ken Ham is a heretic

They use the same logic, after all…...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on Feb 21, 2012

Open Question: Are Dark Matter and space curvature how scientists escape from geocentrism?

Hubble:“the unwelcome position of a favored location (i.e., geocentrism) must be avoided at all costs…such a favored position is intolerable…Therefore, in order to restore homogeneity and to escape the horror of a unique position…it must be c...
by School and Work on Apr 23, 2011

Edward T. Babinski – Does the Bible “Teach” Geocentrism?

Image via Wikipedia I want to encourage you to read the entire post, but… There’s no simple yes or no answer to such a question if only because geocentrism was so much taken for granted at that time that it could be treated as a given, a...
by The Church of Jesus Christ on Oct 11, 2010


American Christianity is getting stranger by the minute. Unlike its British counterpart, conservative evangelicalism in the USA has been renown not only for its religious fervour and zeal, but also its anti-intellectualism. Roman Catholicism is also...
by angles on Oct 14, 2009

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