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How to remove GeoTags from Photos | Disable GeoTagging on Iphone

Hi friends ! You must have uploaded many pics on many social networking sites through your iphone /ipad. You must have encountered a problem of location services.In this post we will guide you on how to prevent your iphone from sending your location...
by on Aug 8, 2014

Monday Morning Edition

In case you missed it, a quick recap of the past week on, from new features to great blogs to discover.
by cakmoki Blog on May 19, 2014

Oh Blogger, Where Art Thou?

Wherever you're blogging from, you can now let your readers know your whereabouts with our new geotagging feature.

Digging In the Dashboard: Three Features to Discover

Features abound in the dashboard. When you first got started at, you likely identified a handful of tools that you used every time you posted and then ignored the rest. But after you’ve been blogging for awhile, you...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Kamera & Smartphone vereint

Wer im Außendienst bisher für die tagtägliche Arbeit eine hochauflösende Kamera mit Zoom benötigt und dabei auch ständig telefonisch sowie online erreichbar sein will, für den hat Mehr ...ImmoParadies - Immobilien-News-Blog | News-Archiv...

Geo Tactical Solutions, Inc. Brings Advanced Geo-Tagging Capabilities to Canon EOS Digital SLR Cameras

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) July 26, 2012 Geo Tactical Solutions, Inc. (GTS) expands product line of advanced GPS-enabled digital cameras to include Canon EOS digital SLRs. The DSLR cameras are coupled with a GeoMapr GPS module to achieve advanced geo-taggi...
by best camera reviews on Apr 29, 2013

Social Media For Business 2013

January 2013 is a great time for predictions and New Year’s resolutions. Particularly, when it comes to Social Media for business. As a quickly evolving portion of online marketing, internet businesses must pay close attention to trends in soci...
by Work From Home Writing Info on Jan 16, 2013

Geotagging Two

What is it? Why do you bother? Why should I care?  Geotagging or Geolocating is the practice of tagging or recording/assigning Global Positioning System (GPS) data to a photograph.  That data can be latitude and longitude or Universal Trans Mercrat...
by As I Found It's Blog on Mar 17, 2012

Simple guide to geotagging pictures

If you enjoy travel photography, and shoot many photos while you are out and about, you would probably like to store approximate location where the photo was taken. This usually means that you need invest in expensive specialized GPS receivers suited...
by Digital Photography Student on Nov 3, 2011

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