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God of the Gaps

I will begin this post with two postulates: 1) God has created this universe; 2) He has brought man in this universe with some purpose. I am not claiming here that these two postulates are true, or that I can prove them to be true. But I want to show...
by God is real on Nov 21, 2015

A Critique of the Void

Circular Reasoning   In his article ‘The other side of time’ (2000) scientist Victor J. Stenger has written that as per the theory of quantum electrodynamics electron-positron (anti-electron) pairs can appear spontaneously for brief periods of t...
by God is real on Nov 18, 2015

It’s Revolutionary!

Photo Credit: 96dpi via Compfight cc I don’t know how many of us recognize the impact of Jesus’ words when He announced, “The Kingdom of God is at hand.” (Mark 1:14 – 15)  It was revolutionary.  He was literally announ...
by Living in the Reign on Sep 30, 2014

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