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How does Farmville Chicken Coop works?

Keep your ordinary and special chickens in your Farmville Chicken Coop! Keeping chickens in chicken coops allows you to find Mystery Eggs!Here is the Farmville official announcement:"Every now and then your chickens will lay Mystery Eggs! The more ch...
by Look who's stalking on Dec 7, 2009

Orange Tabby (Cute Kittens) in Farmville! | Plus New Farm Animals

Adorable and cute kittens have finally arrived at Farmville! Now you don't need to wait for a kitten to adopt 'cause you can buy them anytime you want!Here's the official statement:"MEOW! Adorable KITTENS have arrived in the FarmVille Market! Take on...
by Look who's stalking on Nov 26, 2009

Photo of Golden Chicken in Farmville!

The most anticipated farm animal in Farmville has finally arrived at the Farmville Market! The controversy is over because now, you not only can see the a photo of the Golden Chicken, you can have them! Just go the the Farmville Market and buy a Farm...
by Look who's stalking on Nov 26, 2009

Golden Chicken on Farmville

Adopted AnimalsFrom time to time animals will roam onto your farm. You may then publish these unique animals onto your Facebook homepage for your friends to adopt. So far there has been (In order of updates to Farmville):Black Sheep (Common) Brown Co...
by Look who's stalking on Sep 30, 2009

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