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Mutiny Philippines: The January Mutiny

Mutiny is a situation in which a group of people (such as sailors or soldiers) refuse to obey orders and try to take control away from the person who commands them (See Merriam-Webster definition of mutiny). Related words include insurgency...
by The Young Filipino Historian on Dec 19, 2014

Haunting Paco Park

Haunting Paco Park Paco Park is one of the favorite locations for pre-nuptial shoots, wedding reception and the St.Pancratius Chapel inside the Park as a wedding venue. But it was only last May that I get to visit this place together with my siblin...
by From This Side on Sep 2, 2011

Caloocan City Residents Proclaim Andres Bonifacio as Unang Pangulo ng Pilipinas

1 December 2010 9:04amDuring yesterday's celebration of Bonifacio Day, residents of Heroes del 96 in Caloocan City together with colleagues in the re-launched Caloocan Historical Society have proclaimed Andres Bonifacio as Unang Pangulo ng Pilipinas...

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