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Chuck Dixon explains what he thinks about politics in superhero comics

Dixon was interviewed by CBR about his newest Alien Legion miniseries and Winterworld, and also told them what he thinks about injecting so much leftism into corporate owned superhero comics: You got a lot of attention recently for an article in the...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jul 2, 2014

The Wash. Times reviews The Forgotten Man GN

The Washington Times published a positive review of Chuck Dixon and Paul Rivoche's graphic novel developed from Amity Shlaes' book. They even say that: Though a delightful, if esoteric, pleasure for adults, “The Forgotten Man (Graphic Edition)”...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jun 24, 2014

Walt Simonson creates his own Thor property

PC Magazine interviewed Simonson about his career as an artist, and lets know that he's preparing his own graphic novel based on Norse mythology called Ragnarok. He also notes he's been criticized for being too old-school: PCMag: Speaking of letteri...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jun 15, 2014

Greta VanSusteren inteviews Chuck Dixon & Paul Rivoche

Watch the latest video at Dixon and Rivoche were given an interview on VanSusteren's program the other night in a followup to their WSJ op-ed.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jun 13, 2014

Neal Adams visits St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

The St. Catherines Standard wrote about a visit veteran artist Neal Adams made to a local comics store, where he told about how he got into his career and drew inspirations from.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jun 6, 2014

No mention of Spidey's deal with Mephisto in history article about Gwen Stacy

The San Angelo Standard Times wrote a sugary article about the history of Gwen Stacy and her demise in 1973, never bothering to mention certain related facts. First, they say: ...while Stacy was supposed to be a blonde bombshell, many readers only k...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on May 5, 2014

A review I wrote of Sword of the Atom TPB

Here's a review I wrote for the Sword of the Atom TPB for the Longbox Project, collecting the 4-part miniseries and 3 specials from the mid-80s by Jan Strnad and Gil Kane (with Pat Broderick drawing the last part). It's something I was very happy to...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Apr 17, 2014

The short but splendid career of Jim Steranko as an artist

The Lexington Herald-Leader spoke with veteran artist Jim Steranko, who's famous as one of Marvel's most prominent artists in the Silver/Bronze Age. Most interesting is that he didn't choose his projects by a hero's popularity ranking, but by how wel...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 14, 2014

IGN lists their 10 most favorite Frank Miller books

With the sequel to the 300 movie (Rise of an Empire) premiering, IGN wrote a list of their top 10 comics by Frank Miller. They didn't choose Holy Terror on the list, but this does seem to suggest they recognize why they shouldn't let any foolish misg...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Mar 6, 2014

Original art sketches for Wolverine found

The AP/Edmonton Journal tells that the original artwork by Herb Trimpe for Wolverine's debut in the Incredible Hulk #180 in 1974 has been found, many years after it was thought to be lost, and are now being auctioned by Hero Initiative. And the good...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Feb 27, 2014

JFK library finally gets Al Plastino's Superman art

Newsday reports that the JFK library in Boston's finally been delivered the Superman artwork by the late Plastino that ended up with a different owner.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Feb 5, 2014

Al Plastino, RIP

Very sad, but the veteran Superman and Supergirl artist has passed away at 91 from prostate cancer, before he even had a chance to regain the material from a story he'd drawn featuring JFK that he discovered had been stolen. I hope his relatives will...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Nov 26, 2013

Al Plastino seeks return of JFK drawings for Superman

Veteran artist Al Plastino, one of the contributors to Superman in the Silver Age and a co-creator of Supergirl, has been trying to get back possession of some drawings he did for a story featuring JFK: An aging comic book artist is racing against t...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Nov 24, 2013

Bob Hall talks about the Marvel movies

Veteran artist Bob Hall, who illustrated the Avengers, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four in the past few decades, spoke with the Lincoln Journal-Star about the movies based on the various Marvel series he'd drawn in years past.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Nov 18, 2013

Nick Cardy, RIP

Famous artist Cardy has passed away at 93. Some of his most famous works were with Aquaman and Teen Titans, where he drew the most spectacular designs for Wonder Girl Donna Troy. He'll be missed a lot.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Nov 4, 2013

Canada's postal service doesn't include Curt Swan's art in Superman stamp line

Bob Rozakis, one of DC's former writers and marketing managers, found that a line of stamps with Superman art issued by the Canadian postal service doesn't have Curt Swan's pictures among them, but does have Jim Lee's. As I once said before, Lee is...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Sep 7, 2013

Joe Sinnott talks about his past career

Sinnott, who was just inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame, spoke with the Wash. Post about his past career as an inker for Marvel, helping complete the art of Jack Kirby and John Buscema, and even after he semi-retired in the mid-80s, he continued...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jul 25, 2013

George Perez goes exclusive with Boom Studios

Perez is yet another veteran who's all but left the big two to work more with independent companies, and in this CBR interview, he added his voice to those explaining what's wrong with Marvel and DC today: CBR News: Generally speaking, I feel like m...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jul 12, 2013

How Neal Adams helped regain Siegel and Shuster's dignity

The Jewish News Service wrote about how in 1975, artist Neal Adams took up the cause for Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in regaining credit for creating Superman, and won the case.
by The Four Color Media Monitor on Jun 15, 2013

Sarasota Herald-Tribune interviews Nick Cardy

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune interviewed veteran artist Nick Cardy, who's 93 years old now and served in the US army during WW2 before making his mark as an artist on Batman, Aquaman and especially Teen Titans, where he drew a very stunningly beautifu...
by The Four Color Media Monitor on May 29, 2013

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