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What Would a Selfless Spirit Be Like?

by Dr Glen Hepker - Quite humbly and respectfully, I am speaking of the ‘spirit’ with which one goes about doing what one does…one’s demeanor or mien. In my ages-old arts it is coined as ‘shen.’  Again, “what would a selfless spir...
by Global Family 1ღ on Dec 13, 2015

Combining Co-Creation and Collective Intelligence

Why combining co-creation and collective intelligence? It is a common trend to be in favour of open innovation and co-creation. We have all heard about the wisdom of crowds, bringing the outside in, and we all believe in "none of us is as smart as a...
by Global Family 1ღ on Jun 2, 2015

The Integral Heart and Our Evolutionary Future

by Terry Patten - The "Integral Heart" embodies a disposition that pays attention to the core of all things—the center that also connects with—and integrates—all dimensions of reality.  The word "heart" comes from an Anglo-Saxon root-wor...
by Global Family 1ღ on May 19, 2015

Co-Weaving New Life

by Julie Krull - It was one of those moments: the kind of moment when you are fully present and witnessing an experience, knowing that something really big is happening. At our cabin on Johnson Lake, we have a steep grass slope that leads to the...
by Global Family 1ღ on Dec 31, 2014

Vision of Wholeness - Why the Will Matters

by Steve Nation - We are living at a time when the vision of wholeness is seeping into consciousness, upsetting all sorts of established patterns of thinking, seeing and acting.  As a species we are, perhaps for the first time in any collecti...
by Global Family 1ღ on Dec 28, 2014

How to Stay Connected to the Light

by Roswitha v. Andersheim - What is this “Light connection” or the Source of the spiritual in relationship to the material? Awareness of the unseen gives us the opportunity to lay aside distractions. The near-silent modifier of our daily thought...
by Global Family 1ღ on Dec 7, 2014

5 Ways to Stop Criticizing and Judging Others

by Krishanti Wahla - Very few people can honestly say they don't judge or criticize others. I can't. Can you? In fact, many of us see things in black and white (whether we are aware of it or not), righteously and firmly planted in the belief that w...
by Global Family 1ღ on Dec 1, 2014

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