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Kilts: Could They Save the Known Universe?

Whilst researching yesterday's post How To Wear A Kilt, I discovered something that struck me as rather odd. Rather a lot of Time Lords (of UK tv's "Dr Who" fame) wear the kilt (or at least some form of tartan which, for the purposes of tenuous conne...
by Life In a Scots Sitting Room on Aug 18, 2010

The Klingons Are Coming

It's true - I read it in The Trumpton Times, so it must be true. The Klingons are coming! They're coming to take over planet earth 'cos we're messing things up. Fair enough, seems a good reason to me. But they're planning to make...
by Life In a Scots Sitting Room on Aug 15, 2010

Would the Real James Bond Please Stand Up?

I heard a news article on the radio today about Russian spies being caught in America and was astounded. Not because the Americans had managed to catch Russian spies, but by the very fact that there were any spies left to catch! Didn't the James Bond...
by Life In a Scots Sitting Room on Jun 29, 2010

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