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Why Android owners fret over RAM

This issue actually boils down to open source and closed software. Android being open source, allows the Apps to run processes in the background. It actually doesn’t kill the App once... Read more »...
by Taranfx on Nov 10, 2016

Top Reasons Why Google Apps are Fantastic for Your Business

Google Apps for Work provide a great solution to your common business problems for a great many reasons, enabling you to run your business much more efficiently from moment to moment. Google business apps are centered around cloud-based solutions for...
by TechPatio on Sep 1, 2016

Google Duo, Aplikasi Video Call Terbaik Saat Ini

Google Duo, Aplikasi Video Call Terbaik Saat Ini – Kali ini perusahaan Google resmi merilis aplikasi video call yang bernama Google Duo. Aplikasi ini sangat simple dan mudah sekali untuk di gunakan, karena kita hanya perlu mengunduhnya melalui...
by lintasteknologi on Aug 30, 2016

Teclado de Google 5.1 y Reloj 4.5.1 ya se encuentran disponibles en Play Store

Ambas versiones vienen con nuevos añadidos...
by PoderPDA on Jul 15, 2016

I'm a Google Certified Educator: Level 2!

Last fall, the Toronto Catholic District School Board jumped on board the GAFE train and launched their Google domain for elementary schools. In anticipation of this exciting change, I decided to do some online training and obtain a Google Educator c...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Jul 4, 2016

What is a HyperDoc?

Over the next few weeks, I will be participating in a HyperDocs Bootcamp online course delivered by the EdTechTeam and learning all about a transformative digital tool that will take student learning to a whole new level. The HyperDoc Handbook: Digit...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Jun 28, 2016

Google APPs e o Seu Negócio Trabalhando Juntos

Google APPs e o Seu Negócio Trabalhando Juntos Treine os seus funcionários através do Google APPs pra que eles possam possam atender melhor os clientes. Em qualquer situação, os funcionários podem responder às perguntas dos clientes e dar ins...
by Mulher Gold on May 23, 2016

An Intro to GAFE

For our Professional Activity Day yesterday, one of the items on our agenda was Google Apps for Education. The TCDSB became a GAFE board just last fall and so many teachers in my school haven't had the opportunity to explore the benefits of GAFE. As...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Apr 16, 2016

Faisons du shopping - A French Webquest

Youppi! Madame Mancuso a gagné à la loterie!Ok. Poisson d'avril!While I didn't really win the lottery, it does provide a fun premise upon which I based a WebQuest I created as part of the IICT that comes to an end today. This was my first attempt a...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Apr 1, 2016

Les Voyageurs - A Short Google Slide Show

As part of a final assignment in the IICT additional qualification course I have been working on for the past few months, we have been asked to create a digital portfolio highlighting a selection of our coursework submissions. One task involved creat...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Mar 31, 2016

iDoceo 4 iPad App for Teachers

A few months ago, while attending a TCDSB 21C Innovators workshop, I bumped into a former teacher candidate who is now teaching her own class and uses iDoceo 4 for record keeping and planning. It was the first time I had heard of iDoceo and, based on...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Mar 28, 2016

Adiós a las apps pre-instaladas en Marshmallow beta de Sony

Inclusive las apps propias de Google podrán desinstalarse.
by PoderPDA on Dec 4, 2015

Tutorial: Outlook Web App Inbox Rules #GAFE

Now that the Toronto Catholic District School Board has introduced GAFE to elementary schools, I have finally taken the leap and started using Google Apps For Education in some of my French classes. Right now, I am focusing on Google Classroom and ge...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Nov 27, 2015

Google Apps for Work

Excelente Ferramenta de colaboração, por um pechincha, e ainda tudo na nuvem.Experimente !!!Google Apps for Work
by SAP ABAP on Sep 14, 2015

Android Apps: Google Translate

* Type to translate 90 languages * Use your camera to translate text instantly in 26 languages * Two-way automatic speech translation in 40 languages * Draw with your finger as a keyboard alternative * Download language packs for when you’re tr...
by dralnuX on Aug 31, 2015

Google Apps Device Policy 6.45 APK

The post Google Apps Device Policy 6.45 APK appeared first on Download Google Apps Device Policy APK for Android This version of Google Apps Device Policy 6.45 APK includes several changes which are mentioned below. You can Download G...
by on Jul 28, 2015

Enterprise UX: Three applications that get it right

The workplace hasn’t traditionally been somewhere that shining examples of UX are found. SAP and the typical Intranet tended to be much more about function than form. But that situation has changed in recent years, as enterprise UX has undergo...
by Scribble SharePoint Blog on Jun 22, 2015

C'est l'aviron - Song Lyrics Cloze Activity

The cultural component of the Grade 6 Ontario curriculum focuses on intercultural awareness of French-speaking communities in eastern, western and northern Canada. As such, I have recently introduced my students to the Festival du Voyageur. I tr...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Jun 14, 2015

Google's 'Smart' Food Diary Is Actually Kind Of Dumb

Google – Automated Food Diary to Estimate Calorie Count Google has been building an automated food dairy which could help to estimate calorie counts from the images taken of our meal according to a... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my w...
by Mono-live on Jun 6, 2015

I'm a Google Educator!

It's official! Today I received my certificate as a Google Educator. Having finally met Sylvia Duckworth at the World Congress of Modern Languages Conference last month, I was inspired to pursue this venture. You see, not only is she an incredibl...
by Toronto Teacher Mom on Apr 9, 2015

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