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What Is The Most Googled Price In Alabama

The blog Fixr published a list of the most googled cost of the thing or service in each state.  Each of the findings are based on Google’s top autocomplete search suggestion while typing in “How much does * cost in … Continue reading ͛...
by Geek Alabama on Mar 20, 2015

Finally a Keyword Research Program That Will End Writer’s Block

Is This Keyword Research Program the Answer to End Writer’s Block? If you write on a blog, website, or some other place on the internet (maybe to earn some extra cash on websites like Hubpages or Squidoo) yet struggle with writer’s block,...
by on Jan 22, 2013

Mark Zuckerberg’s Not-Too-Positive Google Autocomplete Suggestions Used to Sell Self-Help Books

Mark Zuckerberg has been called many things -- a punk, a genius, a traitor, a billionaire -- but he's also been called some unkinder things, and not just by people trying to promote some movie, but by random people searching Google. Publisher Exclusi...
by Joke Radar on Apr 8, 2011

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