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Computer How To Guide is now Page Rank 2

Google updated PR on February 06, 2012 and Computer How To Guide which was previously PR1 is now PR2. Nothing to be proud of here as PR2 is very common. This domain is very new and there are much work needed to be done here. Many of the pages in this...
by Computer How To Guide on Feb 6, 2012

Build Your Site Visibility by Using SEO Techniques

Website BuildingNowadays everyone wants their site on top in Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). So, they apply different methodologies like advertising, paid listings, press releases and many more. But most of the time they don’t follow bas...
by SEO Expert : Seogdk on Jan 25, 2012

Google uses this same concept in calculating your page rank

Google uses this same concept in calculating your page rank. Also remember buying links won’t help the back links have to be got in a natural way. That is either someone should really like you page or tool or article, or you are providing a...
by Auto Backlink Directory on Oct 2, 2011

When will the Next Page Rank Update April 2011(Updated)

Google Updates the page rank in the interval of 3 or 5 months. They will update 3 times in a year. But last time(Jan 20, 2011) google took too much time to update the page rank. Last Page rank update doesn't satisfy the new website owners. Bec...
by Tips and Tricks on Apr 20, 2011

High Page rank Do follow bookmark sites

1 – (PR9) 2 – (PR8) 3 – (PR8) 4- (PR7) 5 – (PR7) 6 – (PR7) 7 – (PR7) 8 – http://ma.gnolia.
by Tips and Tricks on Dec 23, 2010

How My Blog Got a Page Rank 5

Ok, as almost everyone I know already heard, (I made sure to tell them every 5 min or so…) a few days ago, my less then 3 months old blog got page rank 5 from Google. I know page rank is overated and I certainly don’t think that page rank...
by Clifinar SEO on Aug 7, 2008

Increase your Google Page Rank

  It is crucial to get an high evaluation from Google and Yahoo. When a website is submitted directly to Google the site gets a small penalty, Google prefers to find a site following the link from another website. Recently the submission of comm...
by Explore Trix on Jan 1, 1970

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