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XIII Expo Feira de Aves Lourinhã e 1ª Expo Diamantes de Gould

Abriu hoje a XIII Expo Feira de Aves Lourinhã, entrada gratuita.Amanhã, às 15h, inicia-se a 1ª Expo Diamantes de Gould.
by Canários do Arménio on Sep 13, 2013

AMC Greenlights ‘Breaking Bad’ Saul Goodman Prequel ‘Better Call Saul’

Breaking Bad fans would agree that the world would be a much better place with little more Saul Goodman in their lives. And it looks like AMC and Sony Pictures TV agrees. Today, the two parties have reached an agreement on the sniff off that would...
by Geeks of Doom on Sep 11, 2013

Week 1 – 2013 Kickers (K) Fantasy Football Rankings

Just two years ago David Akers had one of the top performances of all time at this position in his first year with the 49ers. While Akers started off well last season, it was clear he was hurting down the stretch and the dejected look he had on the s...
by Fantasy Football Information on Sep 2, 2013

#twittergoldbergs Podcast – Part 1

This marks an interesting and exciting new development in my Meet the Artist project – a podcast interview with pianist and conductor Alisdair Kitchen. The motivation behind this interview is Alisdair’s fascinating and highly enjoyable #t...
by The Cross-Eyed Pianist on Aug 30, 2013

1ª Exposição do Ano

Já comecei a preparar os meus Diamantes Gould para a 1ª Exposição da AAP, a exposição decorre de 14 a 15 de Setembro.
by Canários do Arménio on Aug 27, 2013

Ray Donovan 1.7 and Whitey Bulger

Just as Showtime's Ray Donovan is really picking up steam, the Whitey Bulger trial in Boston comes to a head with a verdict.   Showtime must be delighted with the coincidence - it almost makes up for the Showtime (Viacom-CBS) dispute with Time W...

Comic Review: The Complete Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy, Volume 15

Dick Tracy, Volume 15 1953-1954 Hardcover Stories and Art by Chester Gould IDW Publishing Release Date: July 9, 2013 Cover Price: $39.99 Launching in the pages of the October 4, 1931 Detroit Mirror, Chester Gould's hard-boiled detective comic strip...
by Geeks of Doom on Aug 6, 2013

Book review: Coldwater

Coldwater by Diana Gould My rating: 4 of 5 stars Being a scriptwriter for a TV show means that Brett Tanager has to be on strict deadlines most of the time. It also means she has to keep writing great scripts if her show is to keep its ratings. In o...
by BamesLive on Jul 20, 2013

Mount Gould Hospital

Mount Gould Hospital located at Mount Gould Road, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 7QD UK...
by tips healthy on Jun 25, 2013

Membedakan jenis kelamin gould amadin

Gould amadin atau gouldian finch termasuk salah satu burung favorit dari jenis finch. Burung yang dijuluki pipit tercantik di dunia ini bukan hanya disukai kaum lelaki sebagaimana burung kicauan, perkutut, serta merpati balap. Banyak kaum Hawa yang...

Vintage Bird Clip Art: Rufous Treepies – Printable Image

File Type: PNG Approximate Dimensions (Inches): 1.2 X 2.0 Size: 0.3 MB License: Personal and commercial use allowed, however you may not share or distribute the (original/downloaded) digital file(s) in any way. Members Only: Download Link Get two dow...
by Enliven Designs on Jun 2, 2013

Diamantes Gould durante a muda - Parte 3

Restantes fotografias dos Diamantes Gould durante a muda.
by Canários do Arménio on May 18, 2013

Diamantes Gould durante a muda - Parte 2

Mais algumas fotografias a alguns Diamantes Gould deste ano durante a muda.
by Canários do Arménio on May 15, 2013

Diamantes Gould durante a muda - Parte 1

O Diamante Gould inicia a sua primeira muda por volta dos 2/3 meses de vida, adquirindo as cores vivas que os tornam chamativos.Para o primeiro ano que resolvi criar Diamantes Goulds, estão já independentes e alguns com a muda completa mais de 30 a...
by Canários do Arménio on May 12, 2013

AMC Considering ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff Series

Fans of the hit AMC original series Breaking Bad are surely devastated to see it getting ready to enter its eighth and final season. But it appears that the series finale might not be the least not for one of the characters you've come to kn...
by Geeks of Doom on Apr 10, 2013

las seis esposas de mi papa: The Six Wives of Henry Lefay (2009) DVDRip

Comedia en la que una hija deberá organizar el funeral de su padre, al cual se le da por muerto al desaparecer. El caos reinará en el funeral al tener que lidiar nada menos que con las seis ex-esposas de su papá. Titulo: Las Seis Esposas De Mi Pap...
by on Mar 28, 2013

White Diamond to Lead Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels April Auction

Sotheby’s to Offer Most Valuable White Diamond Ever to Appear In a New York AuctionLEADING SOTHEBY’S APRIL AUCTION OFMAGNIFICENT JEWELSSotheby’s annual spring auction of Magnificent Jewels on 17 April 2013 will offer 400 lots, to...
by The Daily Jewel on Mar 26, 2013

Rules For Being a Professional Artist

.. . Mark Gould’s 10 Rules for Being a Professional Artist ………… 1. Creative efforts take priority over other activities whenever possible. 2. Simplify all aspects of life in order to think and act creatively. 3. Ensure the c...
by Joan Vienot on Mar 4, 2013


In this Series of Posts, I will Writing about the Artist's who are in My "Who's the Greatest Funk Bass Player" Poll.  The Poll is over to the Right of the Blog, its been Running for a Few Month's, so if You h...
by Funky-Soul-Vinyls-Blog on Feb 25, 2013

Diamantes Gould no banho

Nesta gaiola estão dez Diamantes Gould dos vinte que já tenho deste ano.
by Canários do Arménio on Feb 23, 2013

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