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Possible Hate Crime In South Carolina After Black Man Dragged Behind Truck

19-year-old Gregory Collins (who is white) is accused of shooting 30-year old Anthony Hill (who is African-American) in the head - tying his body to the back of his truck - and dragging his corpse 10 miles.Investigators say Collins tied a nylon rope...
by The BIg Black News Blog on Jun 4, 2010

Gov. Mark Sanford Grilled Over Ethics

Poor Mark Sanford…Just when the media barrage has died down about his midlife crisis, affair and “gone missing” time the ethics committee decide to investigate “ethics” HA! Putting the title “ethics” on any g...
by Bragging About My Trophy Wife on Nov 19, 2009

Jenny Sanford Moves Out: Jenny Sanford Moves On

South Carolina's First Lady, Jenny Sanford, is moving from the Governor's Mansion in Columbia to their Sullivan Island home off Charleston with her four sons. Husband, Governor Mark Sanford, that lying, cheating emotional mess who says he has a "soul...
by Maggie's Notebook on Aug 7, 2009

Gov. Mark Sanford Apologizes: Spin, Spin, Spin!

Barely holding on to office, disgraced South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford penned an opinion piece that was published all over the state’s newspapers on Sunday. (The text of the Op-Ed is reprinted below). Citing “God” numerous tim...
by Last Person Left on Jul 19, 2009

Team Jenny Sanford for Governor of South Carolina

Jenny Sanford really is a role model - see this Washington Post article. And feel free to buy this Tee shirt and spread the word. Isn't that true! Lastly, you can follow Team Jenny Tees on Twitter. Most important, pray. There is a long road ahead.
by CarolinaMama on Jul 1, 2009

Area Man Stuck With Thousands of “Sanford – Ensign 2012″ Shirts

Excerpted from the Charleston Herald Examiner: Screenprinter Maxwell Skulldugger played a hunch that didn’t pan out.  The Charleston resident thought South Carolina governor Mark Sanford had an excellent chance to become the 2012 Republican Pr...
by News Grift on Jun 26, 2009

Governor Sanford Confesses: Hold The Applause

As reported on my last blog piece, South Carolina’s Republican Governor, Mark Sanford’s hiking trip excuse seemed “fishy”. As it turned, the governor was enjoying a brief sabbatical from both his state and his family in Argentina with his mis...
by Last Person Left on Jun 25, 2009

Governor Mark Sanford’s Sin and Yours

Don’t be too quick to point out the spec in Governor Mark Sanford’s eye without first taking out the beam lodged in your own (see the video below).  Even the secular humanists understand that adultery is sin. They may never couch it in biblical...
by Family Freedom Blog on Jun 25, 2009

Idiot Watch: Republican S.C. Governor Mark “The Hiker” Sanford

Folks… This one is wierd! I’ve got to hand it to Republican Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina. In the short life of this blog he holds the dubious distinction of being named LPL’s Idiot twice. His latest idiotic episode had him going...
by Last Person Left on Jun 23, 2009

The Unemployed Denied, The Elite Win Out

I watched in dismay when S. Carolina Governor Mark Sanford proudly stated that he would not take part in the stimulus package offered by the federal government in spite of the fact that he has thousands standing in unemployment lines. Much like sheep...
by del's Perspective on Apr 13, 2009

Hubris Sans Dignity

I "get it" when a leader, mayor, governor, etc stands by h/her political or economic philosophy. I find it refreshing that anyone in a leadership role would reason that they were elected to make decisions based on their intellectual skills and that...
by del's Perspective on Mar 14, 2009

Idiot Watch: South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford

Another southern state. Another southern politician. Another stupid comment.     South Carolina Republican Governor, Mark Sanford, in his infinite non-existent wisdom, is warning that President Obama’s stimulus plan will drive the United States...
by Last Person Left on Mar 12, 2009

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