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National Parks Birthday – 100 This Month! (Grand Tetons National Park)

Eight more days until our National Parks 100th birthday. Here are some photos of Stu Patterfoot in beautiful Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. (Need a different, inspirational setting for your WIP? Visit a National Park!) One fall, my husband...

Grand Tetons National Park

Tetons peaking out beyond the low clouds.When I awoke the sun was still down and the moon still shining brightly and low clouds clung to the sides of the mountains. Perfect conditions to drive the Teton Pass to Jackson Hole first time (she says sarca...
by Not as the Crow Flies on Jul 11, 2016

Accidental bear spray discharge clears Utah hotel

Filed under: North America, United States, Hotels and Accommodations, News A housekeeper working in a hotel in Utah cleared the entire building this past weekend, when she accidentally discharged a can of bear spray. The woman was pushing her cart do...
by on Oct 14, 2011

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