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New Orleans Cottage For Sale is Bright Yellow and Blue

This New Orleans cottage for sale in bright yellow and blue caught my eye. The listing says it’s a “quality restoration mixing preservation and modern living.” “Not a shotgun... Head over for more and thank you for subscribin...
by Housekaboodle on Mar 9, 2015


There’s some exciting changes happening at the Village Green of Rochester and the residents will soon reap the rewards! The New Year is bringing new beginnings for these luxury apartment homes in Rochester Michigan. Residents have the option to...
by Village Green Detroit Blog on Jan 28, 2015

It Is Written In Stone

It Is Written In StoneSome things are written in stone. We say “it’s not written in stone” when we expect the person with whom we are talking to object or take offense at something we proffer. It is a peremptory phrase of negation. It reduces...
by Building Home on Apr 29, 2014

Kitchen Surprises

Take 2 parts rain, 13 slabs of granite, 1 tub of mud, 2 pounds of drywall screws and mix well using a carpenter’s square and a level. Add sand 80 grit sandpaper and rub vigorously. To this add 1 portions of hope and a dash of disillusionment and yo...
by Building Home on Apr 23, 2014

Counter Intuitive

A couple of months ago one of the sales people where we get building materials was helping me figure out how to complete my kitchen cabinets and counters for under $2000. The cabinets I had under control. The counters were a disaster waiting to happe...
by Building Home on Apr 10, 2014

My Mom's new kitchen...!

I know, I know, it's been a year.. slow and steady and wins the race, and some decisions just can't be rushed.I am so excited to show you my Mom's new remodeled kitchen!Are you ready??????When we moved into our home way back in the 1980's. It was you...
by Jennifer Rizzo on Apr 1, 2013

Elegant 910 Project designed by Smith Designs located in British Columbia, Canada

910 Project comes for you today. This time based in Canadian studio Smith Designs has completed the interior of a penthouse. It is elegant interior of a modern penthouse overlooking Victoria’s outer harbor in British Columbia, Canada. The “Kitche...
by Creative Home Idea. Com on Apr 27, 2012

Ocean Condos Offer You Fantastic Value And Chosen lifestyle

Sunny Isles Beach in Florida’s Fort Lauderdale and Aventura area is famous for the incredible shopping, it’s amazing community and it is excellent location. Don’t you miss all the nice temperatures as well as party surroundings of M...
by Our Happy Money on Feb 12, 2012

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