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Third place worldwide in Blue Flag certification for Greece

Over 1,500 bathing areas, including beaches, lakes and rivers, were inspected last year, out of which 1,499 were defined as top quality spots for swimming. The agency's annual report evaluates the quality of the water from last year and highli...
by The true greek life on May 27, 2016

Aristotle's lost tomb found by Greek archeologist

A statue of ancient philosopher Aristotle in Greece’s ThessalonikiA Greek archaeologist says he may have discovered the lost tomb of ancient philosopher Aristotle in northern Greece.Archaeologist Konstantinos Sismanidis said on Thursday that his te...

UNHCR 'seriously concerned' about refugee camp conditions in Greece

This image shows asylum seekers locked within the Kalohori refugee camp on May 25, 2016, near Thessaloniki. Greece. (AFP Photo)The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says it is “seriously concerned” about the lower-than-standard condit...

Greece Works to Avoid Last Year's Mess

greek_theater.jpg Home Page News Page For investors, the most important thing about the succe...
by on May 25, 2016

Eurozone ministers agree to unlock new bailout money for Greece

Maltese Finance Minister Edward Scicluna (L) talks with Luxembourg’s Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna (C) and Italian counterpart Pier Carlo Padoan (R) during a Eurogroup meeting at the European Union (EU) headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, May 24,...

Men and women cheat nearly on same scale in Greece

Some rather surprising findings that challenge prevalent perceptions on infidelity emerged from a study carried out by the Andrological Institute. According to the study, which lasted for 2 years and surveyed 2,000 couples, women are nearly as equall...
by click4crete on May 18, 2016

Greece top choice for Russians

According to the Association of Russian Tour Operators (ATOR), Greece was the most popular foreign tourist destination for Russian in the month of May. Sochi was their first holiday preference overall for the same period. The total of Russian holiday...
by click4crete on May 18, 2016

Neil Emilfarb’s Dukley Gardens & Marina

Montenegro is a Mediterranean country located in southeastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea. If we had only two words to describe Montenegro, it would certainly be these words: Mountains and Sea. The country is small but has fascinating...
by We care about your travel on May 17, 2016

Tax hikes threaten to brew up a storm for Greece’s coffee drinkers

Greeks will be subjected to yet more taxes as the country’s leftist-led government attempts to satisfy creditors in charge of disbursing bailout aid.
by TaxWorldWeb on May 16, 2016

Wave of tax hikes adding up to 1.8 bln euros to hit as of July

The government is in the next few days expected to publish and present to Parliament for ratification the second package of tax measures, this time containing indirect levies amounting to 1.8 billion euros through 2018.
by TaxWorldWeb on May 15, 2016

Kerkini lake: double reflections

Pictures by Dimitris Rados and Marianina Rakka Once upon a time there was a land of marshlands, surrounded by long snowy ridges and tall mountain peaks. The land was fertile […]...
by Pinch of Adventure on May 13, 2016

Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Greece

Greece, with its islands remains a popular destination for travelers and is one of the most popular Greek islands of Rhodes in 2015, Crete and Santorini are purchased in the top holiday destinations for summer this year. The reasons are many: short...
by We care about your travel on May 12, 2016

Most people can expect to see their tax bills increase

The majority of taxpayers will suffer retroactive tax increases that affect their incomes from January 1, 2016, according to a bill that was to be passed into law in Parliament on Sunday night.
by TaxWorldWeb on May 8, 2016

German Study Proves It – 95% Of Greek "Bailout" Money Went To The Banks

Mike KriegerLiberty BlitzkriegI simply cannot stress enough how important Greece is to freedom, liberty and civilization across the globe. Greece is not a one-off, or merely a small nation in big trouble that holds little relevance for the rest of...
by INFRAKSHUN on May 6, 2016

Greek parliament to vote on tax, pension reforms before Eurogroup meeting

Greek labor unions declared a 48-hour national walkout on Thursday as lawmakers debated unpopular tax and pension reforms Greece hopes will help persuade creditors to approve release of badly-needed bailout cash.
by TaxWorldWeb on May 5, 2016

Taxpayers appear reluctant to file their income tax statements

Just 8 percent of taxpayers have submitted their tax statements for 2015 incomes, according to data from the General Secretariat for Public Revenue. The delay is attributed to the strike by accountants who oppose the new social security system, as we...
by TaxWorldWeb on May 4, 2016

On The Island of Zakynthos, Greece - Beyond The Paradise Beaches

Although Zakynthos villages don't have the spectacular architecture of Santorini or Mykonos (I'll describe them soon), it is quite nice if you want to explore the off the beaten path, local sites. In this article, I'll describe all the pl...
by Adventurous Travels on May 4, 2016

Puerto Rico And Politics

Yesterdays bond default by Puerto Rico’s Government Development Bank has opened the floodgates for what will likely be vitriolic and partisan political fighting in Congress that will have little to do with finding an actual solution to a fiscal cri...
by The Political Commentator on May 3, 2016


The Index now features hypertext connections. Simply click on any title below to read it.Though this listing serves, I think, a clear purpose, not every posting falls easily into the categories. One essay might equally be placed under literary theo...
by Poetry on the Loose on May 1, 2016

Cheap guide to visit Venice, enigmatic city of the Adriatic Sea

Most people who visited Venice say they want to return. Irresistible attraction can be “resolved” relatively quickly and cheaply nowadays: the time of booking a flight to Italy, spending prioritized and wrapped luggage. It would be better...
by We care about your travel on Apr 28, 2016

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