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Apostolos Mousouris

Apostolos MousourisApostolos Mousouris participated in the battles of Grammos during the Greek civil war(1948,1949) as a photographer and took some photos of great historical value.Apostolos took many pictures and the majority of them is characterize...

Son of Xanos ~ Rodney Ballenden

Son of Xanos is the first book of a four book series which tells the story of the life-journey of Rodino Xanos, with a strong autobiographical thread that runs through the novel as it relates to the author’s life experiences, and his quest to find...
by Between The Lines on Jul 16, 2013

Football; Germany v Greece – A game of life and death

Today Germany is scheduled to kick Greece out of the Euro. Euro 2012 that is, in a clear case of football imitating life? The Great Synagogue Danzig - demolished by the Germans in 1939 And this match too takes place in the historic Hanseat...
by DaithaiC on Jun 22, 2012

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