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Aksi "Pasukan Pencabut Paku" Saat kerja bakti di lingkungan Kelurahan Jatisari JatiAsih Kota Bekasi

Aksi "Pasukan Pencabut Paku" Saat kerja bakti di lingkungan Kelurahan Jatisari JatiAsih Kota Bekasi, Ahad 18 Mei 2014 mulai pukul 07.00 Wib yang juga dihadiri oleh rekan dari Komunitas Kegiatan ini brtujuan untuk meningkatkan...
by GoJATIASIH on May 18, 2014

Is it time to put solar panels on your roof?

Anyone who’s paid bills in the last decade can certify that contemporary life is becoming more expensive each year, partly as a result of energy prices increasing. As reported by The Guardian, protests are taking place next week as a result of the...
by manchester solar energy on Dec 4, 2013

Solar loans will make it easier to benefit from PV

There is no doubt that solar energy can make huge savings on your electricity and fuel bills, and also provide a much needed second income when excess electricity is sold back to the national grid. The greatest hurdle for most consumers and the reaso...
by manchester solar energy on Nov 19, 2013

How solar energy can boost your local football team

At Jacob Eco Energy we are never surprised where customers would like their solar energy panels to be installed. Together with businesses and residential owners we can offer guidance and advice about how solar pv can create savings, a second income,...
by manchester solar energy on Oct 25, 2013

Beating the energy squeeze with renewable resources

Energy prices continue to increase. Now, as the recession continues to bite consumers are seriously beginning to question what they will be able to afford to stay warm this winter. Experts tell us that if increases are not capped it is the vulnerable...
by manchester solar energy on Oct 15, 2013

The renewables industry sends letter to European Parliament

As has been reported on this  website and blog in previous articles, the state of the renewables Industry on the whole is very good. Recent studies and surveys tend to suggest that the UK is still on Target to meet 2020 European targets. However whe...
by manchester solar energy on Sep 28, 2013

Queensbury developers 'trying every trick in the book'

 The Save The Queensbury group is demanding that developers Fairview Homes play fair in their attempt to gain planning permission to demolish the Queensbury pub.The Campaign says: Since October, when the original planning application was submi...
by wembleymatters on Mar 14, 2013

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