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Green Day - Stray Heart MP3 Download (Single)

Green Day - Stray Heart MP3 Download (Single) "Stray Heart" is a song by American punk rock band Green Day. The song was recorded by the band for their tenth studio album, ¡Dos! Duration: 03:43 Format: MP3 Bit Rate: 320 kbps Fil...
by Chazchizchez on Nov 3, 2012

Green Day "The Forgotten" Music Video

Watch Green Day  "The Forgotten" Music Video! The video shows Edward (Robert Pattinson) playing the piano for Bella (Kristen Stewart) and their daughter Renesmee (McKenzie Foy) right before vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong starts singing.
by EGamersCentrum on Nov 3, 2012

Green Day – The Forgotten (Official Video)

Video: Green Day – The Forgotten (Official Video) Articulos Relacionados:Green Day – Kill The DJ (Official Video)Green Day – Stay The Night (Official Video)Green Day – Stay The Night (Official Music Video)Little Mix – DNA (Official Video)Wi...
by on Oct 31, 2012

Give me Novacaine Green Day Guitar Cover

Hola , bueno esta es una publicación off topic,  en la cual quiero compartir con ustedes este cover que hice con la guitarra ( sin cantar porque no se jajajajajaj) de una canción que me gusta mucho de una banda de la que so...

Portadas de Green Day para Facebook

Bueno en esta publicacion, les voy a dejar varias portadas para que pongan en su Biografia , de  una banda de la que soy fanatico, Green Day. IMPORTANTE: Para descargar la imagen que dessen ,deben hacer clic en ellas para velas en tamaño compl...

Birthday Wishlist

I always enjoy having a nosey at my favorite bloggers' wishlists and since my birthday is coming (on November 2), I thought it would be fun to do one as well - not to mention that making a collage with Picisto is tons of fun ahah! Now I hop...
by Gaby's Beauty Blog on Oct 29, 2012


Taken in Our Garden 18th October 2012The wonderful Autumnal sunshine that welcomed us home from a trip has been showing the garden off and we have so many apples both on the ground and still on the tree. Everyone else around us also has plenty, wish...
by LindyLouMac's World in Photos on Oct 19, 2012


Download audio file (01-Nuclear-Family.mp3) Dos TreS! R.C. Kola   The first of a series of three Green Day releases, a trilogy from September 2012 to January 2013. Uno, Dos, Tre! is the result of Green Day’s most prolific and creative time...
by THE SOUNDTRIPPER on Oct 9, 2012

Johnny Rotten doing butter commercials: still Punk after all these years

Discussion boards across the UK are a’splodin’ and some Very Serious punk fans are up in arms over the sainted Johnny Rotten’s decision to do a series of commercials for Country Life Butter. Like this one. One fan is so outraged he...
by Scholars & Rogues on Oct 7, 2012

Green day - Nuclear Family lyrics

Lyrics : Green day - Nuclear Family lyricsHere comes the lyrics....[start]Gonna ride the world like a merry-go-roundLike a Ferris wheel like it's breaking downDrinking angel's piss, gonna crash and burnI just want some action so gimme my turn...
by Lyrics Gallerie ! on Oct 6, 2012

Green Day - Stay The Night Lyrics

Lyrics : Green Day - Stay The Night LyricsHere comes the lyrics....[start]Well I ain't got much time so I'll get to the pointDo you wanna share a ride and get the fuck out of this joint?I've got an impulse so repulsive that it burnsI wanna break...
by Lyrics Gallerie ! on Oct 6, 2012

Green Day - Carpe Diem lyrics

Lyrics : Green Day - Carpe Diem lyricsHere comes the lyrics....[start]Breaking in a sweatLike a bomb threatIs your silhouette fading out?Nothing left to loseDetonate the fuseAnother breaking news blowoutAin't it beautiful?So unusualLife's a gas...
by Lyrics Gallerie ! on Oct 6, 2012

Green Day - Let Yourself Go lyrics

Lyrics :Green Day - Let Yourself Go lyrics Here comes the lyrics....[start]Shut your mouth 'cause you're talking too much
And I don't give a damn anywayYou always seem to be stepping in shit
And all you really do is complain

Hitch a ride, te...
by Lyrics Gallerie ! on Oct 6, 2012

Green Day - Kill The DJ Lyrics

Lyrics : Green Day - Kill The DJ LyricsHere comes the lyrics....[start]Walking after darkIn the New York City parkYour thoughts are so unholyIn the holiest of oldOnward Christian soldiersFilled with jivin' mind controlThe blood left on the dance...
by Lyrics Gallerie ! on Oct 6, 2012

Green Day - Fell For You Lyrics

Lyrics : Green Day - Fell For You LyricsHere comes the lyrics....[start]I woke up in a pool of sweat,At first I thought that I pissed the bed.All the stars in the midnight hour,The kiss of death on the Eiffel Tower.And I went down,Like the speed...
by Lyrics Gallerie ! on Oct 6, 2012

Green Day - Loss Of Control Lyrics

Lyrics : Green Day - Loss Of Control LyricsHere comes the lyrics....[start]I'm taking down all my enemies 'cause they're all so fucking uselessA bunch of shit talking drama queens and they're all filled with excusesI wanna find me a better scene...
by Lyrics Gallerie ! on Oct 6, 2012

Green Day - Troublemaker Lyrics

Lyrics : Green Day - Troublemaker LyricsHere comes the lyrics....[start]Hey!You're giving me a heart attackYou're giving me a cardiac arrestWhen I'm standing at the traffic lightHey!I wanna get inside of youI wanna crack your cranium deliriumOn...
by Lyrics Gallerie ! on Oct 6, 2012

Green Day - Angel Blue Lyrics

Lyrics :Green Day - Angel Blue Lyrics Here comes the lyrics....[start]Gonna build it up just to burn it downYou're a princess, I'm a fucking clownStop the presses cause I'm killing timeWon't you be my bloody valentineYou're just a fucking kidAnd no o...
by Lyrics Gallerie ! on Oct 6, 2012

Green Day - Sweet 16 Lyrics

Lyrics : Green Day - Sweet 16 LyricsHere comes the lyrics....[start]Bring me back to an hour agoTime stands still as the years go byBrown-eyed girl that's throwing down a bottle of Old EnglishBack in the warehouseOld days are fine, but are left...
by Lyrics Gallerie ! on Oct 6, 2012

Green Day - Rusty James Lyrics

Lyrics : Green Day - Rusty James LyricsHere comes the lyrics....[start]This whiskey sour, amateur hourRaise your glass and toast your friendsSome day we will fight again, wellYour enemies, your tragediesPocket knifes and rusty chainsWhere in the...
by Lyrics Gallerie ! on Oct 6, 2012

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