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17 Simple Definitions of Common Natural Beauty Buzzwords

Beauty buzzwords are nothing new. Companies and marketers have been throwing these terms around for decades, most with the sole purpose of selling their revolutionary, innovative and ground-breaking product to you, the [...]...
by Garden of Beauty on Mar 31, 2012

Is Westin Heavenly Shower a Green Wash or a Greenwash?

Image: courtesy of tipster Ben Rich Over a year after Lloyd told us about the US Department of Energy’s plans to better enforce laws regulating shower water usage, it appears the laws still have no teeth. Alert TreeHugger tipster Ben sends us t...
by Architecture Blog on Sep 4, 2011

Greenwashing nonsense of the week

Greenwashing nonsense of the week: a ‘celebrity endorsed campaign’ from holiday company TUI, to get people to pack lighter suitcases when they fly on holiday. According to the company’s research, half of us don’t think about t...
by Make Wealth History on Sep 4, 2010

Dyson Airblade lookie likie

Dyson Airblade lookie likie, originally uploaded by EcoChampion. This Dyson Airblade Copy was spotted in France. It looks better that the airblade but was not as effective. A lookie likie product I guess. Check out the other Airblade copy which wa...
by Eco Pic Of The Day on Jun 24, 2010

Ecotourism? My *rse

Monday morning sees us in Chiang Mai, for centuries capital of an independent state, sometimes Siamese, other times Burmese, now the hub of northern Thailand. If you’re Thai, it’s a city of culture and spirituality, of wooden temples, medieval mo...
by Travels with a Nine Year Old on Jun 20, 2010

Bombardier Carbon Offset Program - Greenwash?

  For more information about the Bombardier CArbon Offset program <click here>.  ...
by Eco Pic Of The Day on May 15, 2010

Eco Fuel Station - Not!

  This peotrol staion was spotted in Kensignton, London.
by Eco Pic Of The Day on Apr 19, 2010

Greenwash in technical PR and advertising

An interesting article on this morning’s Biz Community details a case of greenwash levelled at electronics giant Samsung. For those of you who haven’t come across the term, ‘greenwash’ means misrepresenting your products or services as more e...
by PRefect on Mar 30, 2010


Public awareness of humanity’s impact on the global environment is at an all time high.  Organizations like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club are no longer fringe organizations run by ‘hippies’.  The Natural Resources Defense Council...
by GreenWorld365 on Dec 10, 2009

Greenwashing – Ecover warns consumers to be aware

Ecover has warned eco-friendly consumers that some goods may not be as organic as they claim to be. Speaking to news agency AFP, the brand’s director of marketing Bernard Claron said: “Today it suffices to just slap some green paint on a...
by Eco News & Views on Dec 7, 2009

Blog Action Day: EON Talking Greenwash

News has it that EON are 'opening' a debate on clean energy - ha ha ha! No, really! The poor dears are worried that the UK may have some energy issues that might need addressing. No! Do you think?!! - Ahem... Anyway, they want to know what we think.
by Ecomonkey on Oct 15, 2009

Cadbury's Palm Oil Greenwash

From: Fred Pearce, Guardian, 20Aug09"They are breaking open the chocolate bars at Auckland zoo in New Zealand this week. The keepers have been running a campaign to get Cadbury to remove palm oil from its chocolate. It's been headline news down there...
by Ecomonkey on Aug 20, 2009

Ten Tips for Spotting a Green Scam

Make every day 'Green Britain Day! Do your bit today to keep Britain Green!In an earlier post I mentioned how some companies were perhaps not as green as they claimed to be - I discovered that this is known as 'greenwashing', Here's a quick guide to...

The Greenwash to End All Greenwashing? GM reportedly pondering changing logo color

2010 Chevy Spark - Click above for high-res image gallery General Motors has certainly been pumping out a greener message for the last few years, but, on the eve of its likely emergence from bankruptcy, i...

Climate Greenwash: Vattenfall win

On arriving in Copenhagen, I went straight to the Climate Greenwash Awards ceremony. Swedish energy company Vattenfall won, with 39 per cent of the votes. The company was nominated for “its mastery of spin on climate change, portraying itself as a...
by Hot Air on May 24, 2009

Eco-Lotus: the point at which ‘eco’ becomes meaningless

The Eco-Lotus has locally-grown hemp bodywork, wool seats, and the air-conditioning runs off solar panels. It’s still a petrol-driven sports car.
by Make Wealth History on Apr 11, 2009

A Note on Green Labels

The article below is definitely a promising turn of events. Although several environmentalists blame multinational corporations for the majority of the destruction of our environment they have the resources and the power to fuel the innovation in new...
by Green Me Up, Scotty! on Aug 25, 2008

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