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Greens 'overjoyed' at Shaker Aamer Release

 One of the many campaign videos - this from 2012Green Party deputy leader Shahrar Ali has said he is ‘overjoyed’ at the release of Shaker Aamer from Guantánamo Bay, but said the case highlighted the “urgent need” for a judge-led inqu...
by wembleymatters on Oct 30, 2015

Panel Faults C.I.A. Over Brutality and Deceit in Interrogations, More Than A Quarter Of The World's Countries Helped The CIA Run Its Torture Program, Senate report finds CIA torture produced ‘fabricated’ intel and thwarted no plots

Panel Faults C.I.A. Over Brutality and Deceit in InterrogationsBy MARK MAZZETTI  DEC. 9, 2014WASHINGTON — The Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday issued a sweeping indictment of the Central Intelligence Agency’s program to detain and in...

Weekend of action over Guantánamo's 100 Days of Shame

Guest blog from Aisha Maniar, courtesy of 'one small window' where it was first publishedWhat does a person have to do to get noticed nowadays? In the twenty first century, enduring more than a decade of torture and arbitrary detention without char...
by wembleymatters on May 17, 2013

Freed Gitmo Terrorists Joining Up With Al Qaeda

  It’s an open question as to whether they should be thanking Allah or ACLU. The Al Nusra Front is Al Qaeda’s local Syrian franchise, despite some ambiguous denials, and unsurprisingly the Gitmo detainees, who became a cause célèbre for th...
by Iran Aware on Feb 5, 2013

Guantánamo – America’s shame

Adnan Latif Yesterday, Adnan Latif – the Face of Indefinite Detention – Died a sad and lonely death at Guantánamo, America’s illegal prison kept out of reach of American territory and legal overview. Latif, a 32-year-old from Yemen, had...
by DaithaiC on Sep 12, 2012

“They’re engaging in jihad in a courtroom”

9/11 defendants seize the opportunity for dawah, to the disgust of 9/11 family members. “‘They’re engaging in jihad in a courtroom,’” by Verena Dobnik and Samantha Gross for the Associated Press, May 5: NEW YORK —...
by Iran Aware on May 6, 2012

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