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Guilt - Episode 1.01 - Pilot - Press Release

THE DARKER SIDE OF LONDON IS FULL OF SEX, MURDER AND INTRIGUEIN THE SERIES PREMIERE OF “GUILT”AIRING MONDAY, JUNE 13 ON FREEFORMWhen a young woman is brutally murdered in her London flat, the search for her killer leads to scandal and intrigue st...
by CHRISTIAN WARRIOR on May 12, 2016

USD POLL : Which Freeform upcoming shows are you eager to watch?

Today's User Submitted Daily (USD) Poll was submitted by Laëtitia who was picked randomly from our Poll Submissions (see below). Let us know in the comments what you voted for and why?Want to see your Poll posted on the site? Click the Button below...
by CHRISTIAN WARRIOR on May 12, 2016

One Pot Cajun Chicken Pasta + Weekly Menu

The other day at work my coworkers and I were talking about whether or not we’re “type A” personalities. Some of us are very much so type-A and I say that in a good way, as I don’t 100% agree with the definitions that pull up on Google. I thi...
by Prevention RD on May 8, 2016

Mother Day Guilt

So, we’re talking about guilt!I mentioned last week that there are 3 kinds of guilt and we’ll be looking at them deeper over the coming weeks, but I wanted to draw a little attention to one of them... the self guilt... because for many moms its M...
by Parenting From Source on May 7, 2016

One Pan Orecchiette with Sausage and Kale + Weekly Menu

There will be a lot of single parenting going on the next few weeks with Mr. Prevention’s work schedule. Sigh. The dread. It’s nice to have somewhat of a reprieve from the daily grind or to work as a team, but ohhh well. We’ll make due. I recen...
by Prevention RD on May 1, 2016

Guilt Series Premiere Preview

Here's your very first look at the summer's hottest new series Guilt! Don't miss the Guilt series premiere Monday, June 13 at 9pm|8c on Freeform!
by Box Office Buz on May 1, 2016

Guilt - First Look Promo

by CHRISTIAN WARRIOR on Apr 30, 2016

Too Guilty to be Perfect

To the woman at the playground today. I’m sorry.I know that it might have seemed like I was kind of staring at you and your daughter as you struggled with your young son in your ergo carrier, and she was struggling with putting on her shoes, and wa...
by Parenting From Source on Apr 26, 2016

Copycat Chili’s Salsa + Weekly Menu

The other dietitian in my department – she’s so fun. Dietitians can often be VERY type A and therefore, very different from me. I’m very go-with-the-flow, casual, and okay with a bit of unpredictability and chaos in the workplace. I like to thi...
by Prevention RD on Apr 24, 2016

Freeform Announces Summer Premiere Dates for 7 Shows

As part of its busy upfront presentation day, Freeform on Thursday announced summer premiere dates for seven shows, including Season 7 of flagship drama “Pretty Little Liars.”The network kicks off its summer season on Wednesday, June 1 with the r...
by CHRISTIAN WARRIOR on Apr 7, 2016

The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 1st April 2016 *Updated*

Latest News Items (What is this?)20:40 - Jessica Jones - Season 2 - Raelle Tucker Joins as Executive ProducerRaelle Tucker, who most recently served as executive producer/showrunner on the A&E drama The Returned, has been tapped as an executive produ...
by CHRISTIAN WARRIOR on Apr 1, 2016

SMGN guest post by Christopher Probert

Christopher is a friend to and encourager of SoMuchGoodNews. He resides in the UK, is husband to Helen, and dad to Michael and Daniel. A vet by profession, Chris enjoys the outdoors and revels in the Gospel. He recently shared these thoughts. Enjoy!
by SoMuchGoodNews on Apr 1, 2016

The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 30th March 2016 *Updated*

Latest News Items (What is this?)21:40 - The Catch - Nia Vardalos to RecurComing off the strong box office opening for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Nia Vardalos has joined the cast of ABC’s new thriller drama series The Catch, from Shonda Rhimes’...
by CHRISTIAN WARRIOR on Mar 30, 2016

Kale-Banana Toddler Muffins

Mr. Prevention and I often lay in bed at night and stress a little about life with 2 children. We are so fortunate to have my part-time work status (minus a long commute), supportive families, a daycare Shea loves, less work travel for him as of late...
by Prevention RD on Mar 30, 2016

Getting My Priorities Right

One of the things I’m really good at is finding stuff that I like to do, and then liberally using the excuse that I’ve been too busy doing that stuff to get to the stuff that I really should do. I’ve never known anyone that can bur...
by Break Out The Skinny Girl on Mar 19, 2016

5 Things I tell myself as a Good Enough Mum

5 Things I tell myself as a Good Enough Mum: By Ani Tuna at MumLife Australia. It wasn’t long ago that I said goodbye to the over-stretched, overwhelmed, overtired mother I used to be, and gave… View Post The post 5 Things I tell myself as...
by on Mar 17, 2016

Banana Nut Pancakes

I took everyone’s wonderful advice (thank you, by the way! muah!) after I shared my morning meltdown and chaos of last week. Thankfully, this week has gone sooooo much more smoothly. So far, anyway. Perhaps with some thanks to day light savings? Af...
by Prevention RD on Mar 16, 2016

Guilty Pleasures: Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

When BBC Radio 2 asked me to talk about guilty pleasures, it wasn't my obsession with 80s soul and funk music, or my tendency to eat Nutella from the jar, or the sneaky flavours I sometimes add to my coffee, that was my deepest concern. It was my hab...
by Sheridan Voysey on Mar 15, 2016

Guilt - Production Begins - Press Release

Freeform Begins Production in London on New Original Series “Guilt” FREEFORM BEGINS PRODUCTION IN LONDON ON NEW ORIGINAL SERIES “GUILT” “Guilt” is a Co-Production of Sea to Sky Entertainment and BV Family ProductionsProduction bega...
by CHRISTIAN WARRIOR on Mar 9, 2016

May God Have Mercy on your Soul

These are the words my mother left me with after finding me on Etsy. ETSY! How she found me can only be due to her stalker-rific online behavior. First, she messaged me a few times asking about my artwork and if I can customize. I didn't realize it w...
by kristinlately on Feb 29, 2016

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