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I should be writing every day, but somehow I get distracted by one thing or another. It's fucking hard to concentrate on one thing only. Today my excuse was writing long replies to some pretty sad emails that are a lot like mine, passed back and fort...
by Frankie's Joint on Jul 27, 2013

Stand Your Ground

by Donklephant on Jul 19, 2013

Gangsta Cat

Take down the city’s toughest cat’s with an array of weapons in the fastest time possible. Fight many cat to earn money, buy new weapons, and be the top gangsta cat! Use the left and right keys to move the bucket and collect coins Use the left cl...
by SeeGames2013.Com on Jul 13, 2013

Home Security Tips For Women

Home Security Tips For WomenHome Security Tips For Women Living Alone Living alone allows you the freedom to relax and be yourself without having to get the approval of others on household decisions. Unfortunately, living alone as a single woman also...
by The Things Women Want on Jun 24, 2013

Ottawa man charged with firearm offenses

News-canada.Network              Canadian News ,Sports Business &nology Tech Ottawa man charged with firearm offenses (Ottawa) – Today, the Ottawa Police Service Guns and Gangs Unit charged an Ottawa man with several firearm offenses fol...
by on May 31, 2013

THE LIBERATOR: Dawn of the Wiki Weapons *Videos and Pics*

Click. Print. Shoot. Last week President Obama said that his administration’s recent gun control push is merely “the first round,” suggesting that attempts to force Americans to submit to background checks, mental health screenings and gun reg...
by Guerillatics on May 8, 2013


Russian News Outlet Pravda Prints Surprising Opinion Column Warning USA: Never Give Up Your Guns! Back in November, the Russian news outlet Pravda (formerly the official press of the USSR), surprised everyone when it published a scathing opinion colu...

Doctors Not Required To Ask Patients About Gun Ownership

President Obama would like to turn our doctors’ offices into police stations, and has stressed that Obamacare does not prohibit medical practitioners from asking patients about guns in their homes. What he did not stress is that there is no req...
by The Lonely Conservative on Jan 18, 2013

Kids at center stage in emotional US gun debate

WASHINGTON: "Dear President Obama," began a letter from 8-year-old Grant Fritz, with the shaky printing -- missed words, spelling errors -- of someone just learning how to put thoughts down on paper. "I think there should be some changes in the law w...
by CNews on Jan 16, 2013

Pravda Op-Ed Warns Americans About Giving Up Guns

The Russians know what it means to give up guns. Various armies, such as the Poles, during the Смута (Times of Troubles), or Napoleon, or the Germans even as the Tsarist state collapsed under the weight of WW1 and Wall Street monies, found that...
by The Lonely Conservative on Jan 10, 2013

Media Bias: Media Never Reported That Oregon Mall Shooting Stopped by Armed Citizen

While the country was in a state of shock over the events at the Sandy Hook school shooting, the MSM was crying for gun control In fact, they were doing so when even the earliest reports of that shooting were coming out. However, they had an earli...
by SENTRY JOURNAL on Dec 17, 2012

Beautiful Natural Pine Cone Ornaments

These natural pine cone ornaments are not only beautiful; they’re easy to make and inexpensive as well.  All it takes are some pinecones (gathered for free in our case), spray paint, ribbon, and a glue gun.  I chose to make them using metal...
by Better Hens and Gardens on Dec 5, 2012

Senior Home Staff Had Complained About Suspect

Residents and staff members at a senior high-rise in California had complained in the past about erratic behavior by an elderly man now suspected of killing two women and himself at the facility, authorities and employees said.
by Online Media News on Nov 22, 2012

Our Godson Khan with his gun, a present at school. The gun was broken in about a week.

Tags: Family, Filipino, Godson, Gun, Khan, Pascasio, School...
by Texan in the Philippines on Nov 19, 2012

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