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Guns N’ Roses – Not in this Lifetime

För nästan 1 månad sedan var vi på Guns N’ Roses på AT&T Arena (Baseboll arenan). Det var helt magiskt! Första gången jag såg dom. Axels röst sprack en hel del men tycker ändå att det var riktigt häftigt att se! Hittills har vi...
by Livet i San Francisco on Sep 5, 2016

Slash Caricature

by Fin Fan Fun Photo & Video on Jul 24, 2016

Ultimate Anthems of All Time

Attention!!!There are those songs which speak to your core that you can't help but sing along to them. These songs are a part of our lives wherever we are and knowing the lyrics of these songs are as mandatory as knowing the national anthems of our r...
by Major Maestro on Jun 12, 2016

Heard of the Guns and Roses Reunion 2016? Here It Is!

Heard of the Guns and Roses Reunion 2016? Here It Is! Still remember Guns and Roses’ hit song Sweet Child O’ Mine during your teenage years? Well, their reunion 2016 will surely make your childhood memories come back again. The phenomenal Ame...
by Daily Trending Search on Apr 3, 2016

The Ultimate BDSM Playlist

Attention!!!With the advent of Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM has gone mainstream. Gone are the days when the topic was taboo and confined to the dungeons. Now when someone refers to bondage your reply could only be love me like you do. BDSM is a term wh...
by Major Maestro on Jun 4, 2015

REWIND: Guns N' Roses - 'It's So Easy'

Although I will always love 'Paradise City' and 'Sweet Child O Mine', soon after picking up a copy of the classic Guns N' Roses LP 'Appetite For Destruction' I soon realised that the other (and less overplayed) tracks on the album were (mostly) just...
by RW/FF on Apr 1, 2015

Slash explains why Bob Dylan once refused to use his solo: ‘For me … the ultimate compliment’

Slash added one of his "better one-off solos" to a Bob Dylan song, but it was never released. Find out why the Guns N' Roses legend is OK with that.
by Something Else Reviews on Mar 28, 2015

Guns N’ Roses & Lenny Kravitz Live – Always on the Run

Guns N’ Roses performing Always On The Run with Lenny Kravitz live in Paris 1982.    ...
by Guitar Players World on Dec 11, 2014

Guns N' Roses - November Rain (letra en inglés y traducción al español)

Bueno pues en esa semana de peticiones, me voy a dar el capricho de traer a un grupo que todavía no ha tenido hueco en nuestro blog como capricho de servidor de Vds. aprovechando que habla de este mes de noviembre y de la lluvia que nos acompaña de...
by Corazón de Canción on Nov 14, 2014

Best Songs for Rainy Days

Attention!!!The trend at present is to carry your music around, be it your iPod, mp3 player, smartphone or just your average phone. Almost everyone listens to music when you're going to work, college or university. The rainy season is upon us and so...
by Major Maestro on Apr 11, 2014

Axl Rose torna con Appetite for Democracy

Axl Rose torna con Appetite for Democracy di Iannozzi Giuseppe Axl Rose torna con un progetto live in grande stile: un film 3D di Kerry Asmussen. I Guns n’Roses, capitanati da Axl Rose, unico membro superstite della formazione originale, sarann...
by Iannozzi Giuseppe on Mar 11, 2014

Most Haunting Songs of All Time

Attention!!!Most of us are used to listening to chirpy songs, probably because music is meant to cheer us up and put us in a good mood. But there are really sad songs which make us very gloomy but then there are those songs which are so haunting and...
by Major Maestro on Feb 24, 2014

Under En Filt I Madrid

Year: 2013 Time duration: 112 min Tracks: 01. Galenskaperna & After Shave: Under En Filt I Madrid 02. Agnes: All I Want Is You 03. Klaus Nomi: The Cold Song (Live) 04. The Virgin Prunes: Decline And Fall 05. Bauhaus: All We Ever Wanted 06. Acid...

Heart Of Darkness

Year: 2014 Time duration: 126 min Tracks: 01. Black Sabbath: Die Young 02. Junkstars: Rock Bottom 03. Deep Purple: Beethoven (Live) 04. Eddie Meduza: Jag Är Bara Bäst 05. Susie Quatro: Can The Can 06. Peter Green: Baby When The Sun Goes Down 07. Ji...

Peace Pipe

Year: 2013 Time duration: 103 min Tracks: 01. Anybody Killa: Peace Pipe 02. Tegan And Sara: Hell 03. Smokie: Oh Carol 04. Alicia Keys: Girl On Fire 05. Faster Katt: Something Lucky This Way Comes 06. Magnus Uggla: Astrologen 07. R.E.M: Everybody Hurt...

Quinta Rock - Guns n' Roses - Sweet Child o' Mine

Fala povo, chegamos hoje ao final de mais uma seleção com 10 bandas, nesta seleção tentei mandar pra vocês as 10 músicas (rock) que mais tocaram e fizeram muito sucesso na década de noventa... Pra fechar esta seleção com chaves de ouro, vamo...
by Loco Mundo on Sep 26, 2013

Guns N' Roses : Slash e DJ Ashba, as semelhanças

  Axl sabe bem o que procura em um guitarrista, como denuncia o
by CoisasDoRock on Sep 13, 2013

November Rain [w/ Lyrics]

Guns N’Roses – November Rain. Clip fabricat în Romania de către mine folosiind Sony Vegas.The post November Rain [w/ Lyrics] appeared first on
by Nickst3r's Blog on Jun 18, 2013

Guns N’Roses – Lies 1987 FLAC Lossless

Artist...............: Guns N'Roses Album................: Lies Genre................: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues Rock Source...............: CD Year.................: 1987 Codec................: FLAC Quality..............: Lossless Channels......
by Lossless Music Blog on Mar 29, 2013

GIVE ME A GUITAR!!! - Guns N' Roses - 'Civil War'

Give me a guitar!! Songs that'll make you want to hold your index and pinkie fingers in the air and use your head to ferociously agree over and over !! Guns N' Roses - Civil War (1991)OMG WTF happened to G N' R !!After Appetite For Destruction t...
by Tune Doctor on Mar 23, 2013

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