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Fairycon'16~ ✩ (1-3 April 2016)

Hellooo!This blog post is super late, I know!But better late than never.Lately I haven't had the time for my blog because.. I dunno(?)Well, let's start with the post!2 april me, my boyfriend and Karna went to Fairycon'16 in Kalmar (Sweden).It took ab...
by Himenannie on May 23, 2016

Princess Melody - Princess Perfume Rose~ (プリンセス香水Rose)

Princess Perfume Rose Candy Dress~WhiteBlackPrincess Perfume Rose Candy Skirt~WhiteBlackPrincess Perfume Rose Candy Dress~WhiteBlackPrincess Candy Dress~WhiteBlackPrincess Bolero~Baby Pink | WhiteHot Pink | BlackPrincess Pearl Sandals~Baby Pink | Whi...
by Himenannie on May 3, 2016

Beginner Guide to Gyaru~ ♡

Back in september Heather asked me if I want to record some videosfor her Beginner Guide to Gyaru (BGtG) series to her channel Hime Hime Star.Of course I did. I'm glad that she asked me to record some for her BGtG because I want to help other gi...
by Himenannie on Feb 18, 2016

Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2016~ ♡

Gaijin Gyaru Awards (GGA) was back this year and that made me so happy.Gyaru fashion is almost dead these days and it makes me so happy when gals in the commmakes all they can do so gyaru don't die out.The Gyarusa HYPER held the GGA this year, thanks...
by Himenannie on Feb 7, 2016

5 years as Gyaru~ ♡

Hello everyone! You know what?This december I have been Gyaru for 5 years.. 5 YEARS!!?The time goes so fast ^_^I made a slideshow with music and pictures of me/me with friends through the years.The video is 30 minutes long (sorry) but enjoy the music...
by Himenannie on Dec 8, 2015

Princess Mimi Apple Green~ ♡ (Review)

Hello!Today I'm gonna do a review on one pair of lenses I got from Kawaii Deluxe.Kawaii Deluxe is based in the Netherlands and they sell lenses,beauty products, magazines and clothes. The lenses I got is Princess Mimi Apple Green.Stock photo:My...
by Himenannie on Nov 20, 2015

Fashion Kawaii on Storenvy - My favorites~ [with coupon code♡]

Hello!Today I'm gonna show you my favorites on the shop Fashion Kawaii on Storenvy~ Dresses~ (click on the pictures to come to the product side) I want and need all those dresses omg!! ;__; Skirts & Shorts~ (click on the pictures to come to the p...
by Himenannie on Oct 23, 2015

From "Grandma top/ pajamas" to Lolita Cutsew~ (DIY)

Hello everyone!Today I gonna show you a Cutsew I restyled from an old "Grandma top/ pajamas" that I thriftedfor only 10 SEK a few days ago. I think the top was really cute but way to big for me.So I restyled it into a Lolita Cutsew.The top before~I t...
by Himenannie on Sep 8, 2015

From "Grandma Top/ pajamas" to Lolita Cutsew~ (DIY)

Hello everyone!Today I gonna show you a Cutsew I restyled from an old "Grandma top/ pajamas" that I thriftedfor only 10 SEK a few days ago. I think the top was really cute but way to big for me.So I restyled it into a Lolita Cutsew.The top before~I t...
by Himenannie on Sep 8, 2015

New in~!

Hi princesses.I just got home and I got a package today, yaay~!I got:LaPafait shorts~LaPafait Top~And I got some extra gifts from the seller:So cute of her!
by Himenannie on Aug 21, 2015

Where have I been(?) Part 2 - ⚜HimeNannie Design, Shopping, Outfits & Summer~

Hello everyone!I'm back with a new update, this is Part 2. Read Part 1 here>>.⚜HimeNannie Design~As you may already know, I'm into fashion design att have go on a textile school.My brand is ⚜HimeNannieYou can like my brand on Facebook <&...
by Himenannie on Aug 17, 2015

Where have I been(?) Part 1 - Life, Christmas, NewYear, Friends, Gothenburg, Malmö & Tirak~

Wow! Long time no lifestyle/update post..But as you already know, I'm the worst blogger ever >>So.. last time I blogged about my life was in Decemer 2014, last year.. so almost a year ago(?)You maybe wonder where I have been?If not - go away ^_...
by Himenannie on Aug 15, 2015

Lolita_KawaiiShoes Review [Sponsored]

Hi!It's time for a new review, this time it's clothes I got from my new Sponsor Lolita_Kawaiishoes!Lolita_Kawaiishoes are based in China and sell really cute fashion.The package arrived after two weeks.I got one top and one pair of stockings.Stockpho...
by Himenannie on Jun 14, 2015

The worst blogger in the world(?)~ [Picture heavy]

Hi everyone~!Loooong tiiiime no seeeee! I'm the worst blogger in the world, i'm so so sorry..But as you can see, i'm still alive! ^_^I have not blog since I moved into my new apartment in April this year. It's so bad. I think(?)Well, It have happend...
by Himenannie on Dec 17, 2014

Review; Jewelry~ [Sponsored]

Hi Princesses and Princes~!Today I'm gonna review some Jewelry I recently got from my Sponsor Bracelet;Stock Photo~[link]My Photo~The Necklace;Stock Photo~[link]My Photo~The Headdress:Stock Photo~[link]My Photo~The Earring...
by Himenannie on May 17, 2014

Big Update~!/ New Apartment/ Recent gets/ MH-Doll Collection/ Hime Bolero-Robe/ Virtual Bitches~

Hi Princesses and Princes~!How are you? I'm fine.Today I'm gonna update you about the latest things in my life.As you already know, I moved to a new apartment 30 Mars.I got the keys early.And I packed everything in my old apartment only in a few days...
by Himenannie on Apr 26, 2014

In progress..~

Hi Princesses and Princes!I'm so bad at blogging about my school. As you already know I go in a "Folk Högskola".. I don't really know how to write it in english but It's a Highschool but a more free one (alternative one)? Yeah, I'm really bad to exp...
by Himenannie on Mar 10, 2014

Christmas/ New Year/ New gets/ Update~

Hi Princesses and Princes!Long time no see. During the time I was away, a lot of things had happened and I just needed a break for myself. Sorry! ;__; Today I'm gonna write about Christmas and New year.. I'm almost 2 month late with this post.But bet...
by Himenannie on Feb 20, 2014

小悪魔ageha January 2014~

I got a new issue of 小悪魔ageha in the mail today~Got a makeup bag from Ravijour with this issue~But you can also have a bra and panties in it! ^.^I took these pictures with Matin's (my boyfriend's) iPhone 5S.  Better quality pictures than m...
by Himenannie on Dec 21, 2013

Princess Melody♥ - New Arrival~ (Dream dresses)

It have come two new dresses from Princess Melody. I want them both. My new dream dresses~!And also two new hair bows~ I just need them in my life~!!
by Himenannie on Dec 21, 2013

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