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Difference between a Hacker and a cracker

When most people think about computer security the word hacker comes to their mind. Another word that is also associated with bad computer behaviour is cracker and most of the time the two words are used interchangeably but they are not the same thin...
by Active hackers on Mar 8, 2011

How to become a hacker

Hello Friends, This Question has been asked to me by a lot of people. Today I will introduce you to a well known Hacker Mr. David Melnichuk who has written a Book “The Hacker’s Underground handbook”. This book is a first step for all the peopl...
by Active hackers on Feb 22, 2011

Protecting from Keyloggers

I guess most of the people know what a keylogger is, but I´ll make a short introduction for those who don´t. A keylogger is a program like a virus, when it infects your computer it remains hidden everytime you turn it on. Everything looks ok but th...
by Active hackers on Nov 29, 2010

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