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Pros and cons Of Hair Extensions

Most people would agree that this would acquire quite a long time for a person to develop long hair. Although, in the present era, long hairs are believed to be pretty fashionable. Therefore, a way needs to identified to have … Read more »...
by 2012 Trendy Hairstyles on Dec 22, 2011

To Weave or Not to Weave?

That is the question many of us ask ourselves. Weave can be good for many reasons and I have listed two major ones below:-Growing out your hair, a relaxer or color-Versatility - You can go from a Rihanna boy cut to Beyonce locks in moments without...
by Modern Hair Style Trends on Feb 9, 2011

Hair Extension Treatment

Once you've gotten hair extensions professionally installed or you've done it yourself, you need to take special care of them so they will last as long as they should. When shown proper treatment, extensions should last about 3 months when the hair g...
by New Hairstyles For Women on Dec 6, 2010

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