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Hair Trends 2011

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by Sparkling Fashion on Dec 16, 2011

Hairstyle For Holiday

Try a new look for every holiday event you have this season with inspiration from these hairstyle ideas!Hair AccessoriesNo matter the type of hairstyle you'll be wearing this holiday season, it can always be improved with hair accessories! Clips, hea...
by Hairstyles For Dummies on Dec 15, 2011

Fall Short Hair Style

 Having short hair doesn't necessarily mean the same boring style day in and day out, your short hair is as malleable as the mousse you use! To keep your short hair spunky cut the fringe shorter than you're used to.  Shaven pieces o...
by Hairstyles For Dummies on Oct 7, 2011

2011 Hairstyle Trends – The Braid

Though sleek is chic and will never go out of style, one look you may want to try and perfect this 2011 if your hair is long enough is braids. And if your hair isn’t long enough yet, considering hair extensions may be in your beauty repertoire when...
by Hairstyles For Dummies on Oct 1, 2011

Women Hair Trends for 2011

The year marks the true start of a new decade, and yet 2011′s fashion trends are all about revival. True, there is a unique undertone of a modernist style appearing, but take some of the most iconic styles of the 20th century, infuse them with qual...
by Infotainment Lounge on Sep 1, 2011

Hair Trends 2011: Plaits and Braids

The plait obsession continues, from complicated forms at Alexander McQueen to classical at Hermès and Valentino. The fashion world has fallen in love with the plait all over again, women are so lucky if they have long hair. Tried to do a French...
by Hairstyles For Dummies on Aug 2, 2011

Kate Winslet Debuts Platinum Blonde Crop Hair

The 35-year-old actress Kate Winslet shows off  a Platinum Blonde choppy short hair do on the April cover of British Vogue, photographed by the legendary Mario Testino. Her new blonde hair color is a major change from the auburn to honey spectr...
by Fashion is On on Mar 10, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Has A New Bob Haircut

Jennifer has cut her long blond locks and debuted her new bob.  She surprised her fans by stepping out in a black tank top and pants combo, but all eyes were on her brand-new shoulder length haircut at Just Go With It photo call in Madrid! Jennifer...
by Fashion is On on Feb 23, 2011

Rose Byrne Debuts the Bangs

Rose Byrne show off her new blunt bangs with a straight shoulder sweeping length, Which is a hot hair trend for 2011.
by Fashion is On on Feb 15, 2011

Waved Bob Hairstyle

As the longer bob creeps its way into our 2011 hair trends guide, the question starts to arise: if you go down the path of a shoulder-length bob, how do you keep it interesting and varied? Most of the examples we’ve seen have leaned to straig...
by Fashion is On on Dec 25, 2010

Double Hair Knot

When it comes to the year’s fashion trends a lot of 2011 will focus on embellished, quality details – it won’t be exactly the same for 2011 hairstyles, however. Quality, yes. Embellishment, not always. 2011 won’t be a year in...
by Fashion is On on Dec 3, 2010

Keira Knightley’s a New Hairstyle: Bob

I must say, I’ve missed Keira Knightley. She’d disappeared off the radar for a while, hopefully busy making some gorgeously-costumed period dramas for us to cry over at a later date. And now here she is, back again, front row at Chanel...
by Fashion is On on Oct 5, 2010

Hair Trends: Spring/ Summer 2011

AS New York is drawing to a close (and London is on the cusp of kicking off), it ended on an uplifting summer note as hairstylists are turning up the heat on their looks for spring/summer with a focus on recreating the look of sun-warmed hair. At A...
by Fashion is On on Sep 20, 2010

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