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These Gamers are Too Hardcore for Booth Babes

October 24, 2015 at 11:05PM | Ladies, please move, I can't see the merch and I've got my eye on that sick keyboard.Submitted by: (via ayyDREEunn)Tagged: booth babes , FAIL , video games , VideoShare on Facebook |Via: || Source...
by viralpx on Oct 24, 2015

Triple Your Income Online – Hardcore Funnels & 5figureday System is scam or legit! Hidden Fact!!

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by internationalfreeoffers on Oct 16, 2015

Watch the trailer for first person action thriller Hardcore

With its premiere set for tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival, a trailer has arrived online for director Ilya Naishuller’s first person action thriller Hardcore, which stars Sharlto Copley (District 9), Danila Kozlovsky (Vampire...
by Flickering Myth Movie Blog on Sep 12, 2015

ASTA Indonesia, MMORPG Pemuas Selera Gamer Hardcore

Sumber artikel SahabatGamer - SahabatGamer - Pilihan Gamer Pilihan Belum juga even TEBAK GAME berakhir, pihak QEON Interactive nampaknya sudah tidak sabar mengumumkan MMORPG terbarunya, ASTA Indonesia. Bagi yang belum sempat ikutan, silahkan akses si...
by Sahabat Gamer on Aug 12, 2015

Bare Bones - Demo

1. Dead Weight2. GamblorBare Bones are a band that come out of the gates with much anticipation. Being that the bands member come from heavyweights Dead and Divine as well as The Holy Springs Disaster. Hearing what the members did formerly gives you...
by Ontario Rock on Jul 25, 2015

Cedar Boulevard - Cedar Boulevard

1. A Raven Like A Writing Desk2. All That I Wished For3. Fall Apart4. Shorelines & Shipwrecks5. MaybeCedar Boulevard have released their debut self titled album. This album is a sort of "Welcome to Cedar Boulevard" album so that you are introduce...
by Ontario Rock on Jul 20, 2015

The Hollow Sea - Violent Wind | Violent Will

1. Body Hammer2. Step Forward3. Sick4. Work Horse5. Monologue6. Vacant MindThe Hollow Sea have released their debut EP. This EP follows the same sound and style the band did on their two song sampler. This band has a very generic sound, but even thou...
by Ontario Rock on Jul 12, 2015

Brothers Till We Die

Hello Metalheads! I bring you today a Spanish Hardcore-metal band called Brothers Till We Die with a great sound that you should not miss. The band was born in 2012 in Madrid and these guys started their adventure in the musical world playing with lo...
by MetalWind on Jul 5, 2015

Sinclaire - Sinclaire

1. TV Nothing2. Tin3.Hello4. Wind5. TheorySinclaire's debut album has the sort of feel that you'd expect a punk band from the late 90's to have. They have that punk, kinda emo sound that would closely be compared to the band Grade. For a debut album,...
by Ontario Rock on Jul 4, 2015

Dead And Divine - Antimacy

1. Asphyxia Fiend2. Grimm Love3. Slumlord4. Antimacy5. Midnight Society6. Cult/Misleader7. Carcinoma8. It Sleeps In Bliss9. Ditchpig10. Nothing Is Alright11. Teenage RotDead and Divine's Antimacy is one that really pushed the barrier for the band. Wi...
by Ontario Rock on Jun 16, 2015

Her Majesty The King - Human Behaviour

1. A Tale Of Well Connected Characters2. #EgoProblems3. Endure//Conquer4. Architecture; Not An Easy TaskHer Majesty The King's second album is one that follows along with what the band were doing on their debut album. This has a very hardcore metal f...
by Ontario Rock on Jun 12, 2015

Adelleda - Live In London

1. Doubt2. Distress3. Empties4. Let Them Speak5. NumbersAdelleda have decided to release a live EP of their music. This album was recorded March 8th, 2014 at The Black Shire Pub in London, Ontario. Compared to other live albums, this is really lackin...
by Ontario Rock on Jun 3, 2015

Atlas - Ongoing Rescue

1. Better Days2. Apathy3. Everything I Am4. Storybook (APR III)5. Ongoing RescueAtlas have released their second album titled "Ongoing Rescue." This album follows on with what they were doing on their debut. Compared to the debut, this album just see...
by Ontario Rock on Jun 2, 2015

Hardcore Pawn Chicago - $100,000 Watch Deal?

by Documentary TV on Jun 1, 2015

Cinco Minutos Más – Debut EP

Hello Metalheads! I bring you this time a new Venezuelan band called Cinco Minutos Más, which offers us a great Post-Hardcore sound with their fantastic debut EP entitled “No Queda Más”. Cinco Minutos Más band was born in 2012, when Ru...
by MetalWind on May 25, 2015

Cancer Bats - Cancer Bats EP

1. Bloodpact2. Shillelagh3. Ragin' Hard4. TechnolokronThe debut album from Cancer Bats is one that really seems to rock out hard. The four songs have a mix of both punk and metal into these songs but also with a dirty grunge sort of style that just m...
by Ontario Rock on May 12, 2015

Give Up, Robot oder Wie Ich Meinen Augen Schade

Probleme mit den Augen? Nicht? Dann wirst du sie nach diesem Spiel wohl haben! 50 Levels sind eindeutig zu viel für diesen bunten pixeligen verwaschenenen Plattformer. Denn bunt ist fast […] ... Weiterlesen bei
by on May 12, 2015

Rvines/Prairie-Litiere – Rvines/Prairie-Litiere (CD-R, Autistic Campaign/Emergence Records)

Rvines play hardcore in the vein of Converge, a very heavy blast of sound with a lot of noisy guitars and bass along with howled vocals set far back in the mix. At first I thought their name stood for ravines, but later I realized that they were util...
by Memory Wave Transmission on May 11, 2015

Hardcore Pawn - Women gets $10000 for a ruby!

by Documentary TV on May 8, 2015


Norma Jean Melts Faces “Lost Ark” Style at […] The post SFN @ SXSW 15: Norma Jean [CONCERT REVIEW] appeared first on .
by Sofakingnews on Mar 28, 2015

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