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A Move - As Good As a Change?

I have a new place of writing residence.  It is with pleasure that I shall direct most of my blogging to the Huffington Post.  Please feel free - whatever your position - to come and join the discussion.
by HomeGrownOutlaw on Aug 2, 2011

In Reply to GW Pharmaceuticals (Justin Gover)

GW Pharmaceuticals’ Justin Gover has recently been speaking to the press regarding his work; specifically, Sativex.It has been said that Sativex is a cannabis ‘based' spray; therefore, this gives less credence to the notion of herbal cannabi...
by HomeGrownOutlaw on May 4, 2011

Guest Post by Dr. Susan Blackmore

Dr. Susan Blackmore posts in response to the Skunk Debunked article of 6th April 2011 -"Surely the whole point about the discovery of cannabidiol as a neuro-protector is that it is the balance between THC and cannabidiol that counts, not the sim...
by HomeGrownOutlaw on Apr 12, 2011

Skunk Debunked?

Over the last few years, an almost separate debate has raged; like a hybrid version of the issue, Skunk has now taken the place of contention over cannabis.Cannabis was downgraded from class B to C in 2004, but was moved back to class C in 2008, due...
by HomeGrownOutlaw on Apr 6, 2011

Evidence, Evidence, Evidence!

On Wednesday 9 March, the House of Lords held a Question For Short Debate on making the case for a Royal Commission on drug use and possession.  The debate was initiated by Lord Norton of Louth. Lord Norton has hosted a comment section to his bl...
by HomeGrownOutlaw on Mar 10, 2011

From Peter Reynolds - “New LCA” – Call For Nominations

Originally posted & written by Peter Reynolds “New LCA” is in the process of drafting its constitution and revising its aims and principles in accordance with the results of the leadership election.  The immediate plans fo...
by HomeGrownOutlaw on Feb 20, 2011


Updated 18th Feb 2011 -So, we're having a few replies back already from the PM MP initiative.  What's PM MP?  Have a look here.First reply; Nigel Dodds MP OBE:Thank you for your email, the contents of which have been noted and will be taken...
by HomeGrownOutlaw on Feb 18, 2011

Proposition 19 & the Wild West

So, Proposition 19 has been and gone and the road to marijuana regulation was missed by the Californian populace.  Some may see this as a loss for harm reduction and regulation, and without wishing to sound like a dribblerly politician...
by HomeGrownOutlaw on Nov 3, 2010

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