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Amazing Malaysia HDR Photos

While not many photographers use HDR for their photography, there are some pretty amazing Malaysia HDR photos taken by a number of photographers from around Malaysia and the world. Basically what I have done was search the web for photos of Malaysia...
by Malaysia Asia on Feb 20, 2015

HDR photography tiger nature wallpaper

HDR photography tiger nature wallpaper download The post HDR photography tiger nature wallpaper appeared first on OnlyBackground.
by HD Wallpapers on Sep 3, 2014

HDR photography Raul Gonzalez Real Madrid football star legend wallpaper

HDR photography Raul Gonzalez Real Madrid football star legend wallpaper The post HDR photography Raul Gonzalez Real Madrid football star legend wallpaper appeared first on OnlyBackground.
by HD Wallpapers on Aug 26, 2014

Udemy – HDR Photography Made Easy

With this photography video workshop, master photographer Tony Sweet teaches the art of high dynamic range (HDR) photography, one of the hottest new techniques in digital photography. HDR photography captures a wider dynamic range than traditional ph...
by Tutorials For Download on Aug 6, 2014

Sunset HDR's at the Refuge Tetras

I've been catching up a lot on the HDRs from the trip this time and half to go back to the first night sunset. Here are a few from that evening ...
by Scerakor Photography on Feb 19, 2014

Arts Of Photography - Silence Day of Wednesday

Arts Of Photography - Silence Day of Wednesday HDR - 6 bracketing HDR - 5 bracketing HDR stands for High Dynamic RangeIn short, bracketing is taking the same photo more than once using... blogger Malaysia, info minda, tutorial cara buat bl...
by Silence Blogz on Jan 5, 2014

Hippo HDR’s

Our pending move to Australia has resulted in all photography trips being derailed. So, the only thing left to do was to go back into the files and get creative! Those of you who regularly follow this blog know that Hippo’s are one of my favori...
by Wild Eye View on Sep 8, 2013

Common mistakes in HDR photography and how to avoid them

Common mistakes in HDR photography and how to avoid them HDR photography has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Still, there are many photographers who do not like HDR and are very much against it. There might be many reasons behind their sc...
by Indian Digital Artists on Aug 29, 2013

40+ Extra Brilliant HDR Car Pictures

HDR(High Dynamic Range) requires multiple images with different exposures in order to provide information for both bright and dark areas of the image. Digital photography innovations have produced HDR technology for printing that human eye can see mo...
by Entertainment Mesh on Jun 19, 2013

UFO Above Medieval Castle in the Netherlands

We haven’t done a UFO story here at The Occult Section in quite some time, since most of the stories lately have been pretty lame. But this one was somewhat interesting to me, mainly because there aren’t a slew of people stating with abso...
by The Occult Section on Jun 19, 2013

Google Glass Update With HDR Photography

For those of you lucky people who already have a Google Glass, which was launched some time ago, you will find that the camera on the Google Glass has been changed to be much better. That is progress being made by Google as he had promised. Recently,...
by Computer and Technology Blog on Jun 6, 2013

Winter Photos of Berlin and the Hell I Endured to Get Them

I’m going to do something different this week and put up a post of photos. This is generally only done by good photographers, but I’m going to buck that trend. Besides, as the author of a post on how to take crappy pictures, I feel I shou...
by Funny Travel Stories on Mar 2, 2013

More Paris, More Coughing, More Naps

I know you are growing weary of seeing pictures of Paris, but I'm still only part way through processing my copious amounts of images, and I just can't get enough of seeing the sites again.Each time I work on one, I'm immediately transported back the...
by Low Tide High Style on Jan 2, 2013

Morning Motography......At The Beach

I hope that you are enjoying a long weekend (like I am)....and although you may not be at the beach (like I am), I thought that I'd share a few photos with you that I shot during my morning workout walk.  I enjoy photography so much and it's...
by Shabbyfufu on Nov 23, 2012

Before and After (Photos) A Subtle HDR

Before HDRWhat the Heck is HDR ? It's just an acronym for High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI).As it turned out, it got shortened to HDR, to save people from talking so much.Remember when "application" was a long word ?We have an app, for that, now...
by Mike's Ryukyu Gallery on Oct 31, 2012

A Visit To Picture Perfect Perugia With Ken Kaminesky

Nestled atop a prominent hilltop in the heart of Umbria about two hours north of Rome, the medieval city of Perugia stands constant vigil over ancient trade routes.  The current capital of the region, Perugia has a long and storied past that pre-d...
by VirtualWayfarer on May 10, 2012

HDR photography: by Jay Pilapil

HDR Photography HDR Photography by Jay Pilapil HDR Photography by Jay Pilapil Source: JayPilapilPhotography. Get there and like his page :)...
by Capictured-Photography on May 7, 2012

HDR Camera+ for Android

I discovered a great app for Android called HDR Camera + v2.17 It is able to create some great HDR 3 layer photos right in your Droid phone with no External processing! I use it a lot! HDR Camera+ for Android Description Take images with vivid colors...
by RMStringer Photography on Apr 8, 2012

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