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Wild Rice with Cranberries, Mushrooms and Almonds {recipe}

With spring and warmer temperatures, I get inspired to eat healthier. I wish that was the case in the colder months as well, but sadly I crave comfort foods to keep me warm that time of year. It's like I need to start over again every spring. Along...
by Family, Friends and Food on Apr 26, 2015

Arugula Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwich - Tea Sandwiches

Arugula Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwich is a super easy recipe that can be enjoyed for breakfast, snack or even as appetizers. It can be made ahead of time and are best when served cold so no heating/reheating required. Thus these make the best option...
by ShwetaintheKitchen on Sep 3, 2014

13 Brilliant Back to School Ideas!

I can’t believe my girls start school next week! In California we start pretty early, so this time next week they will both be sitting in class! To get in the mood for school starting I wanted to round up some brilliant back to school ideas for...
by Ask Anna on Aug 15, 2014

{Recipe} Veggie Wheat Berry Salad

What do you have for lunch each day?  Are you fortunate enough to have a full kitchen at your disposal so that you can make up whatever appeals to you each day?  I'm not that lucky, since I work outside the home... I try to pack a lunch to bring wi...
by Family, Friends and Food on Jul 13, 2014

Healthy Back to School Snacks

It's that time again to start thinking about what to pack in those shiny new lunchboxes. Hands up Mum's who is dreading having to do this again for the year? Never fear I have developed some healthy lunch box snacks to whip up for your kids that are...
by The Whimsical Wife on Jan 27, 2014

Moong Dal Chilla/Cheela: Savory Moong Crêpes

    Chilla or Cheela is a basic savory crepe made with lentils. It has no eggs, or dairy and is completely gluten free.       Often referred to as Vegetarian Omelette in some parts of India, Chillas provide the chock full...
by eCurry on Aug 21, 2013

Healthy Lunchbox {recipe: Almond-Dill Chicken Salad}

I'm on a constant search for quick and easy lunchbox ideas.  Sometimes I struggle with ideas for My Boys lunches, but other times... it's actually mine that gets lost in the shuffle.  If I forget to send their lunches in, I'll get a phone call from...
by Family, Friends and Food on Apr 3, 2013

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